Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Picture Book of the Year Notable List 2019

Each year the Children’s Book Council of Australia announces their Book of the Year across six categories: Older Readers, Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, Picture Book of the Year, and the Crichton Award for New Illustrators. On Tuesday 26 February they announced their notable lists. On 26 March the shortlist will be announced and on Friday 16 August the winners will be announced.

These books represent the very best of Australian writing and illustration. Below is the Notable list for Picture Book of the Year. Reserve your copy today.

Entries in this category should be outstanding books of the Picture Book genre in which the author and illustrator achieve artistic and literary unity or, in wordless picture books, where the story, theme or concept is unified through illustrations. Ages 0-18 years. Books in this category are listed primarily by the illustrator, followed by the author.

Room on Our Rock illustrated by Terri Rose Baynton, with words by Kate & Jol Temple
The Feather illustrated by Freya Blackwood, with words by Margaret Wild
Midnight at the Library illustrated by Ron Brooks, with words by Ursula Dubosarsky
How Did I Get Here? written and illustrated by Philip Bunting
The Hole Story written and illustrated by Kelly Canby
The Last Peach written and illustrated by Gus Gordon
The Mediterranean written and illustrated by Armin Greder
Girl on Wire illustrated by Elise Hurst, with words by Lucy Estela
Why I Love Summer illustrated by Tom Jellet, with words by Michael Wagner
Waiting For Chicken Smith written and illustrated by David Mackintosh
Maya & Cat written and illustrated by Caroline Magerl
Chalk Boy illustrated by Mandy Ord, with words by Margaret Wild
The Incredible Freedom Machines illustrated by Matt Ottley, with words by Kirli Saunders
My Sunbeam Baby written and illustrated by Emma Quay
The All New Must Have Orange 430 written and illustrated by Michael Speechley
Sonam and the Silence illustrated by Ronak Taher, with words by Eddie Ayres
Cicada written and illustrated by Shaun Tan
When You’re Going to the Moon illustrated by Vivienne To, with words by Sasha Beekman
Go Go and the Silver Shoes illustrated by Anna Walker, with words by Jane Godwin
Drought illustrated by Bruce Whatley, with words by Jackie French