If you have browsed the Young Adult (YA) section at any of our libraries, you may have noticed that some spine labels have JF and some have F. Ever wondered why?

Well… YA is aimed at (but not limited to) readers between 12 and 18. Some of these books are suited to people younger than 12 who have high reading ability. Some are great reads for adults and teenagers alike. Some YA books are not appropriate for kids or younger teens.

JF on the spine label signifies Junior Fiction. This means that a book is suitable for all young adult readers. If the spine label does not have a J, the book is recommended for older teenagers (similar to a MA movie). The book may contain strong violence, sex scenes and other mature content.

Cover Image for Eleanor & Park
Cover Image for I stop somewhere
I recently read the above books which are examples of YA for older teens.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is the story of two misfits falling in love for the first time. The age recommendation is due to “coarse language” and themes of domestic abuse, bullying, sex and racism.

I stop somewhere by T.E. Carter is a powerful novel that includes rape and murder by teenagers. It explores the issues around reporting sexual assault and the ways that girls are often treated by society. This heavy content is recommended for readers aged 16 and over.