‘To all the boys i’ve loved before’ is the latest ya book-to-movie hit on netflix

Jenny Han‘s popular 2014 novel has been made into a movie and people of all ages are loving it! It has also sparked a series of hilarious tweets. Have you seen the movie? Read the book? Which was better?

I don’t usually watch the movie before the book but I had to wait for the library’s new copy (join the reservation list!). As usual, I preferred the book because there is so much more depth than is possible in a movie. The book went into greater detail about Lara Jean’s thoughts and relationships with the two main boys, and also the strong bonds between the Song sisters.  There were quite a few scenes in the book that were not in the movie, you can read more in this Vulture article.

I’m not generally a fan of romance movies and ‘teen rom-com’ is certainly not my preferred genre but I enjoyed this movie. One of my favourite scenes was when Lara Jean arrived at the ski weekend with no plans to ski, instead she has a book! (this is so me haha). I also loved the father and found it a realistic portrayal of a man with three daughters.

I recommend this movie for some light entertainment but be aware it is a “specific move for a specific kind of mood” (Triple J’s Screen Queen review)

I really enjoyed watching “To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before” because I felt like I could really relate to it as I am also in high school and Lara Jean’s thoughts and actions would probably be the same as what I would’ve done in that situation. It was really funny as well and I also really like how they chose Lana Condor to play Lara Jean because I felt I could relate even more with her as an Asian lead. I loved dreamy Peter Kavinsky who was played by Noah Centineo, like most other teens. I prefer it to “Everything, everything” because it had more comedy and was more relatable. I think most teens would prefer “To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before” as well because of these reasons.

Our guest reviewer is Sarah: I am 14 and love hanging out with my family, dancing, eating, reading and music. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in front of the tv watching my favorite shows like Chicken Girls, Riverdale and Stranger Things in my pajamas snacking on anything cookies n cream – yum! I am a HOME girl at heart and do occasionally enjoy trips to musicals, pop and symphony concerts as well as movies.

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