Star Wars is one of the most popular and significant franchises in popular culture. There have even been bacteria and insects named after characters!

Whether you love the original movies but not the newer ones, vice versa, or just adore them all… you can celebrate Star Wars Day in so many ways. Maybe a Ham Solo toasted sandwich or Chewbacca noodle rolls? Or if getting creative is more your thing, you can check out this list of Star Wars crafts or play with your Star Wars LEGO. Another fun idea is this Star Wars Night Tour at the Perth Observatory!

Of course, the best way to celebrate Star Wars Day is to borrow one or more of the movies and books from Cockburn Libraries. You can browse our huge collection or click on the covers below to reserve a copy.

DVD cover for Star Wars prequel trilogy
DVD cover for Star Wars original trilogy
DVD cover for Solo: a Star Wars story
Book cover for Star Wars. The clone wars
Book cover for Star Wars. A Luke & Leia adventure