Resources for teens and older kids – COVID-19 #3

Even more online resources to access while you’re in “iso”!


#isolationbaking is big! I have been making so much food that I am worried about my work clothes fitting when the libraries reopen…

Bread Ahead Bakery is doing Instagram tutorials for all the iso bakers. There is something very satisfying about baking for yourself and your family.

Did you know… that staff here at Cockburn Libraries love a good bake-off?!


Check out some of our biscuit baking attempts – Monte Carlo and ANZAC


Image of baked food
Logo for #isolationartschool


Another awesome COVID Instagram account is Isolation Art School. You can find lessons and projects to help you keep up your creativity – or learn some new skills.


Neil Gaiman is an interesting and popular author for older teens and adults. His website includes heaps of great links, including short stories and essays for you to read.

Image from Neil Gaiman graphic novel


Challenge yourself for the chance to show your STEM skills and win a prize!
If you like STEAM activities, hit up our STEAM Club!


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