Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – A Review


I came across the movie on Netflix one day, having not known it was also a book. Despite missing some dialogue due to a toddler, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I very quickly became obsessed and began watching and re-watching clips on YouTube. I have since watched the movie a further 5 times.

Although I have struggled in the past to understand the language used in other Jane Austin books, I found the movie quite easy to follow. The way Zombies is so easily worked into this classic story is incredible and you are instantly thrown into the world of Zombies and Georgian Era England. You get the back story of how Zombies came to be there and learning that the class lines are now drawn from where you were trained rather than where you are from.


If I am to be honest I did not enjoy the book. While I am in a confessing mood, I actually didn’t even finish the book. Here are my reasonings.

I found the book very hard to follow. Even having seen the movie and knowing what was coming, I found the book hard to follow.

I did listen to it as an audio-book and was easily distracted but I cant place all the blame there as I listened to two previous books and was not distracted by outside sources with those ones. I therefore think it was the content of the book .

However, it could have been because I am SO familiar with the content having seen the movie that often, maybe the content of the book was not enough the keep me engaged.

I did like how the book expanded on some scenes from the movie which I felt were too rushed or short.

I do wish I had discovered the book and then discovered the movie and not the other way around.

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