Interested in learning about role playing games (RPG)?

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a fun, engaging and cooperative story telling experience, where players gather around a table and embark on an epic tale of adventure and intrigue. The story is performed by a Game Master, the entertainer and guide to the game world. Players enjoy immersing themselves into a world of imagination as they face daring feats, monstrous dangers and traverse perilous lands.

Roleplaying games have a long history, with many stories, editions and techniques of playing that have evolved since the mid 70s. It offers not only a way for players to have fun and meet people, but also hone social skills, build confidence, explore their own creativity and of course sharpen their skills in math and literature.

While hosting a game might prove to be challenging without at least having played the game a few times, playing is always easy and requires little more than an open mind, the willingness to work as a team and be creative. Places like the Cockburn Youth Centre pride themselves on their RPG community development programs, along with local Youtuber and Facebook Blogger, Michael from AskaPathfinder, it has never been a better time to get your game on.

So come down to the Cockburn Youth Centre and join in!

Malifaux Mondays 4.30-7pm 
Starfinder Tuesdays 4.30-7pm  
Pathfinder Wednesday 4.30-7pm

Photograph of RPG players at Cockburn Youth Centre
Michael Kesavan is a professional entertainer, specialising as a Youtuber, Facebook Blogger, free RPG coach and GM-for-Hire under the name AskaPathfinder. Since 2016, he has published over 500 articles giving advice on Roleplaying Adventures. He has featured on shows such as Nerdarchy, Color Circuit and The Adventures of the Windswift. He works locally out of the Cockburn Youth Center running tabletop RPGs and board games for young adults, striving to encourage tabletop gaming both internationally and within the local community.