Fantasy and Sci-fi series are my jam!

I read at least a book a week, so when I have to wait years for an author to release the next book in a series, I get mighty peeved (I’m talking to you, George RR Martin!) So, that is one of the reasons why I love Jeremy Robinson. With one exception (Robert Crane), I have never come across an author who releases so many quality, action packed series with such regularity.

Over the last 11 years, Robinson has released close to 60 novels, comprised of 9 separate series as well as a numerous short stories and graphic novels. Many of his standalone novels, link to his different series with characters and events showing up throughout his written universe in the same way that the MCU sprinkles ‘easter eggs’ into each of its films.

Jeremy writes under multiple genres including: Kaiju Thriller, Post-apocalypse, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Action Adventure. To keep things (slightly) simpler for his readers, he has given himself 3 different pen names. Jeremy Robinson tends to write more Action Adventure and Kaiju Thriller, while Jeremy Bishop really focuses on the Horror and Zombies. Jeremiah Knight is much more interested in Post-apocalyptic fiction! Think that an author couldn’t possibly handle quite so much variation in his writing and still put out quality writing…well, there’s more. My first and still favourite experience of reading Robinson’s books was the Young Adult series The Last Hunter. So not only does he write over 7 different genres, he also spans generations.

The Last Hunter – Descent begins the story of Solomon Ull Vincent, the first child born on Antarctica. When Solomon was born, according to relatives, Antarctica groaned and an iceberg the size of Los Angeles broke free from the ice shelf. Now, 13 years later, Solomon is returning to the continent of his birth. Had he been warned, that upon his return he would be kidnapped, tortured, forced to fight to survive, face an ancient and terrifying world full of creatures of legend, he might have lived a normal life and the fate of the world might not rest on the shoulders of a 13 year old boy.

The Last Hunter: Descent - Book cover

The Last Hunter: Pursuit- Book cover

The Last Hunter: Ascent - Book cover

The Last Hunter: Lament- Book cover

The Last Hunter: Onslaught - Book cover

This series was incredible to read (even as an adult). The action, excitement, fear and joy in these books kept me entranced – I even managed to get my husband addicted to this author! If you’re looking for more adult language in your reading – Cockburn Libraries have a number of other books written by Jeremy, including: Island 731, Project Nemesis, Flood Rising and SecondWorld.

Still want more? Beware of Monsters is Robinson’s website. Here he lists all of his books, novellas and graphic novels as well as progress reports on his upcoming material. Personally I am super excited for the new Antarktos book, the next Cerberus book, the new Herculean, the Berserker Saga…. oh hell! I can’t wait for all of them!!!