LGBTQIA+ resources for young adults

Are you looking for resources and support for LGBTQIA+ youth in Cockburn? Read on for our list of useful books and websites, and information on the local Youth Diversity Alliance.

Youth Diversity Alliance (YDA) is a social support group for diverse sexualities and genders ensuring the inclusion of all. The YDA Safe Space is open every Friday at the Cockburn Youth Centre, and offers a range of activities, events and workshops for LGBTQIA+ young people throughout the year.

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Some websites that may have helpful information

Living Proud – LGBTI Community Services of WA
Freedom Centre WA
The Gender Centre
Minus 18
Scarleteen – sex ed for the real world
It Gets Better Project
ReachOut – LGBTQI Support Services


A few of our YA LGBT+ Fiction & Non-fiction books – check the library catalogue or visit your local library for more!

Book cover for This book is gay
Book cover for Trans teen survival guide
Book cover for Queer, there, and everywhere : 23 people who changed the world
Book cover for What is gender? How does it define us? and other big questions
Book cover for Birthday
Book cover for What if it's us
Book cover for All out : the no-longer-secret stories of queer teens throughout the ages
Book cover for 27 hours

Want to see more LGBTQIA+ books at Cockburn Libraries? Send us a request below! Check out LGBTQ Reads or YA Pride for some recommendations.

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