Honeybee by Craig Silvey

A review by guest blogger, Bree Gray

Honeybee is a very emotional story about Sam who is a fourteen year old trans person who finds friendship in an unlikely situation.  Sam discovers kindness in people and we are introduced to an array of incredible characters that inspires hope for a better world.

I was very excited to read this book as part of our Book Club in Youth Diversity Inc. at Cockburn Youth Centre. Craig Silvey has created a beautiful story and the level of respect shown by him towards the trans and gender non binary community is evident when you hear him speak about his research process. 

There was great coverage of trans and gender identity issues and it shows how the way people treat one another can have a large impact on their mental health.  This book really has everything from social welfare issues through to gender dysphoria and suicide.  I would highly recommend this book to any young people who are struggling. Even more so, to their families and friends.

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Thank you so much to Bree Gray for sharing their review of this amazing book!


Youth Diversity Inc (YDI) is a social support group of young people aged 15-24 who are diverse in sex, gender or sexuality.

The group meets at Cockburn Youth Centre on Thursdays at 5-7pm and you can follow them on Instagram!



Indie Book Awards 2021 Fiction Category Winner

Dymocks Book of the Year 2020