Want a career playing games?

Well, not quite! But it’s certainly part of this job!

If you’re spending all your days at home developing valuable work experience in the gaming industry… yes I mean playing video games all afternoon, evening  and into the early hours of the morning… Then maybe a career in gaming is for you!

You should definitely aim for good grades though, because this is no easy career to get into. Especially with today’s fast evolving world of technology, it’s a competitive new employment market.

There is a lot you can do in the gaming world. A LOT. From the graphics, music, game design, character creation, story creation, marketing and advertising to sales.

Photograph of game controllers and TV

Today we’re going to discuss those that want to go into game design, testing, advanced programming and mobile game app development as well as character creation and environments development! Why so much? Well, there is a qualification for all of that!

There are two Vocational Education Training courses you can complete at TAFE or another Registered Training Organisation.

Name of Course

Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games

Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games


Full Time, 1 Semester (6 months)

Full Time, 1 Semester (6 months)

Entrance Requirements

·         C Grade in Year 11

·         NAPLAN 9 Band 8

·         Cert II or III

·         Completion of WACE or ATAR (Year 12)

·         Cert III

Job Opportunities

When you complete the Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games you will be an attractive applicant for growing IT roles such as support games developer, assistant animator, or assistant designer.

When you complete the Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games you will be an attractive applicant for growing IT roles such as games developer, 2-D/3-D digital artist, and interactive digital media developer.

For more information regarding these two courses, please visit the South Metro TAFE or North Metro TAFE websites.

Want to take it to the next level? You’re a Gamer, why wouldn’t you?!

Bachelor of Design! I choose you!

Edith Cowan University has an amazing Bachelor in Design, where you can choose to Major in Animation, Games and Interactivity or Graphic Design.

You can get into this course a number of ways, the obvious is via Year 12 ATAR or WACE; however you can get into this course by completing a Certificate IV or higher VET courses. Also if you’ve been in the working world for some time now you could also get into uni on your work and life experience! Yes that’s right all those long hours of work experience do pay off! You can also complete a bridging course if you have not completed ATAR, WACE or a VET Course.

If you’re still in high school, or at TAFE or Uni, and this is a career you want to pursue, my biggest advice to you is to also chase valuable work experience. Get a job at EB Games, JB HI FI or similar company, and/or consider joining gaming groups like D&D or similar; where you can gain insight into the gaming world, learn the lingo, explore the products and stay up to date with new technology.

If you’d like more support mapping your career plan, help creating a resume, cover letter, searching and applying for employment or education opportunities link in with me at the Cockburn Youth Centre in my Employ Me program.

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