The Magnificent Seven … new Anime titles to watch @ Success library


All the leaves are brown …  [Well, some of them. But that’s probably due to inadequate rain. – Ed.]
and the sky is gray …            [Well, yeah. Firebugs, prescribed burnings and whatnot. – Ed.]
I’ve been for a walk …           [Good! Getting some exercise, lowering your carbon footprint. – Ed.]
on a winter’s day …               [Err … it’s Autumn and even that is debatable. – Ed.]
I’d be safe and warm,
if I was in L.A. …                     [Dude! Have you even been to America?! Safe?! – Ed.]

Yeah, okay, okay. I admit it’s not my best attempt to segue from a preamble about seasonal weather to a list of anime titles. Let me have one more try.

It’s time for another anime update – Autumn stylee!    [Good grief! – Ed.]

So, what’s new to our awesome anime collection here at Cockburn Libraries? We have a group of very different and distinct series for you that, I only just noticed, for the most part are tenuously linked to a “stuff happens at high school” theme of some sort or other.

The definitely set in a school series’ …

Starting with a quite plausible to happen in a real school, to … mmm, yeah: 

Haikyu!! Season 1

Haikyu!! Season 1

“Shoyo Hinata isn’t a large guy, but he’s got huge ambitions. Ever since seeing a small player score in a National Championship, he’s been determined to become the next big thing in High School Volleyball. Unfortunately, the one time he was able to pull enough players together to form a team in junior high, they were completely trashed in their first and only match against a team led by up-and-coming setter Tobio Kageyama.”

Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

“Saiki Kusuo is a typical 16-year-old high school student… except he has psychic powers. He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. Everything. No surprises, no secrets, no normal human experiences. He’s kept his powers in check since childhood, but with the temptations of high school now on his mind, he’s bending the rules—and spoons.”

Then to the school everyone would love to enroll in:

My Hero Academia:
Season 1 ; Season 2, part 1 & Season 2, part 2

“It’s an exciting age of heroes, where most people develop supernatural abilities known as Quirks. Bright-eyed kids like Izuku Midoriya, Deku for short, dream of the day they become champions of the people. There’s just one little problem standing in Deku’s way. In a world full of heroes, he’s Quirkless. Crushed, but not down for the count, this superhero-fanboy dedicates his time to studying the pros in hopes that he, too, can join a prestigious high school for heroes.”

Book cover for My Hero Academia : Season 1
Book cover for My Hero Academia : Season 2, Part 1
Book cover for My Hero Academia : Season 2, Part 2

The kinda school related series’ …

Well, there is a core group of school attending characters in this one and it starts out with some school-aged, over-exaggerated comedic silliness but it gets real dark, adult and pretty darn creepy, with one or two bone chilling scares to boot.

Occultic;Nine – Volume 1 & Volume 2

Occultic;Nine - Volume 1

“Yuta Gamon, 2nd year high school student, runs “Kiri Kiri Basara,” an affiliate blog that rounds up occult forum posts (for a shot at quick money) and challenges himself to the occult night and day to “hack and slash away!” the many supernatural phenomena existing in the world from a scientific standpoint. However, with that blog of his as a catalyst, a group of downright maniacal and insane comrades have gathered about.”

Occultic;Nine - Volume 2

The still about school, well not really, series’ …

Stretching the theme to breaking point are the next two series, which are not really about school at all but have a young main character who is about school age and is probably going to school, until … stuff happens!

The first is about fighting fantasy robots, the second about a youngster wanting to become an anime voice acting superstar (a series which reeks of industry in-jokes and too-funny-or-ridiculous-to-possibly-happen scenarios that most likely really have happened).

Regalia - The Three Sacred Stars

Regalia : The Three Sacred Stars

“Twelve years ago, a mysterious event shook the Kingdom of Rimgarde, causing massive destruction. In the present day, Empress Yui rules a peaceful kingdom where she is loved by her people and especially by her sister, Rena. But when a giant robot appears, her peaceful life is shattered. Now Yui must fight to protect her nation and the person she loves most.”

Girlish Number

Girlish Number

“Chitose Karasuma wants to make it big as a voice actor, but while she looks and sounds adorable, she’s also self-absorbed, inattentive, selfish and lazy. However, since her manager is also her big brother, she’s still getting bit parts and dreaming of landing the big role that will make her famous. Unfortunately, karma bites Chitose in the worst way possible when her big chance finally arrives, because the producers who’ve hired her are even more clueless than she is! Now, she’s trapped in a nightmare production where nothing goes right, the ratings are in the toilet and swimsuit photos and live stage shows take priority over making quality programming! Can Chitose and her fellow trapped actresses turn things around and save their careers? Or will they all go down with the sinking ship in Girlish Number?”

The nope, it’s not about school at all, series …

Our last but not least title turns out to be our only not-even-slightly-school-related show in the lineup. Originally released in 2003 it has come back to mind as it has recently been re-released here in Australia by Hanabee (currently sold out -as at 6/05/2019). This is definitely a different and distinct to the usual show: the general style, narration and pacing, the world the characters inhabit, etc. Some might find it slow and boring, I found it observant and reflective. I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Kino’s Journey

Kino’s Journey

“Destination is a state of mind. Travellers not only find themselves in a variety of locations and geographic phenomena, but they also bear witness to the whims of culture and the skewed effects of subtle circumstance. Kino is such a traveller. Sitting astride Hermes, an internal combustion companion, Kino searches for life’s answers, life’s questions, and the myriad of interpretations connected to them. A wielder of cutlery, firepower and a piercing tongue, Kino is ready to embark on a journey unlike any other. Drift along for the ride.”

What I’m watching …

Hinamatsuri  (12 episodes, 2018)

This short series tells the beginnings of the dangerous and dynamic, offbeat and often hilarious, story of a nice-guy yakuza and a psychokinetic girl from outer space!

I guess you’d say it’s a comedy/drama but with a cast of quirky, misfit characters who often find themselves in extremely unlikely, and sublimely ridiculous, scenarios. It manages to (in my opinion) successfully blend offbeat humour and sci-fi silliness with simple, slice-of-life observations and some sincere, touching character moments.

It’s a bit of an odd duck and I can see it not having broad, mainstream appeal but, as one of the most enjoyable series I’ve watched this year, I think it’s definitely worth a look.