It’s not an Anime Update, it’s an Anime Addendum!

Ossu – or Hey! What’s up? [or “sup” if you think you’re still cool but definitely are not – Ed.]

Hi there, anime fans. Around this time we’d usually be happily announcing the line up for our next Anime Arvo screening in April. Unfortunately, due to the current global zombie plague outbreak, all Cockburn Library events have been cancelled until at least May. [UPDATE: all Cockburn Libraries have been closed until further notice. – Ed.]

In the Mean Time …

If you read our Anime Update posts regularly you may have noticed a little section at the end, mentioning what I’m currently watching, anime wise. Well, so as not to make the “updates” too long and to let these titles have a bit of their own spotlight, we’ve decided to split them up into separate, regular posts. So let’s get on with our inaugural:

Anime Addendum – What I’m Watching …


A brand new series currently airing in Japan and simulcast in Australia on AnimeLab. If you enjoy the mind bending, reality warping plots of sci-fi films like Inception and Minority Report combined with a taut and gripping futuristic police vs serial killer detective procedural – this is the series for you!


“Unravel the Murder! Set in a virtual world, the visually stunning ID: INVADED follows Sakaido, a detective looking to solve the grisly murder of Kaeru, a young girl. But solving this case is unlike any other as the world begins to twist and turn around Sakaido, challenging what he thinks and believes.”

Youtube Video Note: if English subtitles don’t automatically appear click the CC button, bottom right to enable.

How good was that trailer! If you don’t want to hop online and watch the series immediately, then I just can’t help you! I’m nine episodes in and it keeps dragging you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. You think you’ve gotten to the bottom, and have worked out what’s going on, and then you hit another layer. And have to go deeper …

Oh, and it helps when they pick the perfect fit for an ending credits song.
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