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Christmas Adventures of Bing the Library Bear #18

#BingBear  Bing is a bit of a star in the kitchen (That’s what he keeps telling us, anyway) so he’s looking up some Christmas recipes to try out over the weekend.  He’s spotted a recipe for Pink Coconut Mice in there which he’s going to try as he reckons his will turn out much better than these ones. The Usborne Little Book of Christmas Cooking is smaller version of Christmas Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin and Catherine Atkinson Another Bing update coming your way...

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Christmas Adventures of Bing the Library Bear #16

#BingBear  Bing spots his namesake, Bing Crosby, on the CD shelves at Spearwood Library. Bing (the bear) sings a great (for a bear) version  of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, a song most famously performed by Bing (the person), and thus a bear was named. (They even have matching hats!)   The Bing Crosby CD in the photo is called Merry Christmas Check back tomorrow for another Bing update. (As the library will be closed tomorrow afternoon, it might be a chance for Bing to give you a sample of his...

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Christmas Adventures of Bing the Library Bear #9

#BingBear  Bing is checking out all the Christmas activities happening at the libraries. Already this week there has been Christmas storytimes at all three libraries, with encore sessions tomorrow (Friday) at both  Success Library (9.30am) and Spearwood Library (10.30am). These will be last regular storytime sessions for the year, because next week there will be a very special guest presenting three very special storytimes. (Special!) The Nature Pixie (who looks remarkably similar to the Christmas Tree Fairy on the poster Bing is looking at) will be presenting her Bush Christmas Show on Tuesday at Success Library (9.30am) and Spearwood...

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Christmas Adventures of Bing the Library Bear #8

#BingBear  One of the books in Bing’s bag yesterday was The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland. Bing loves reading all sorts of books, but his particular favourite books usually involve Christmas or bears.  Author Nick Bland also seems to like bear books (and Christmas books). As well as The Very Itchy Bear, which Bing is reading today, Nick Bland has also written The Very Cranky Bear AND The Very Hungry Bear AND The Very Brave Bear (AND he has illustrated a Christmas book called Aussie Jingle Bells !). And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another Bing...

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