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HomeLatest news for KidsBunuru Book Reviews

Coolbellup Library closed for renovations 27 May – 16 June 2024 Read more!

HomeLatest news for KidsBunuru Book Reviews

Coolbellup Library closed for renovations 27 May – 16 June 2024 Read more!

HomeLatest news for KidsBunuru Book Reviews

Coolbellup Library closed for renovations 27 May – 16 June 2024 Read more!

HomeLatest news for KidsBunuru Book Reviews

Bunuru is the hottest time of the year on Nyungar Country.  Here are some new books for you and your children to read whilst staying indoors, avoiding the heat.

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I’d rather eat chocolate / written by Narelle Wynter ; illustrated by Rebecca Cool. | Cockburn Libraries (

This is a truly lovely story book by a local author, Narelle Wynter and illustrated by one of my favourite WA artists, Rebecca Cool.

The protagonist is like many of us…

’I DON’T LIKE VEGGIES,’ I say with a sigh.

“I’d rather eat chocolate, a cake or French-fry.’

To change their mind, the child’s father takes them through a journey, meeting various creatures and discovering how the veggies that they eat enable them to achieve some mighty feats.

This story is told with lovely rhythm and repetition and the illustrations are simply magical.

I don’t want to read this book aloud / written by Max Greenfield ; illustrated by Mike Lowery. | Cockburn Libraries (

This is a fun and clever book that is perfect for all kids, but it’s especially perfect for reluctant readers.  It is a light-hearted, self-aware read in the vein of The Book with No Pictures, that goes through the horrors that some people feel about reading out loud. 

With honesty and frivolity, this story takes the reader through the many feelings that the mere thought of reading aloud may produce. Nausea, anxiety, and even anger, are all explored.  The end is quite a surprise too, it doesn’t go the way you may think it should.

This book would be fantastic for lower primary students, some of whom may know the feelings described in this book.

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The au in dinosaur / Judith Barker ; illustrated by Janie Frith. | Cockburn Libraries (

By award winning author Judith Barker, The AU in Dinosaur takes the reader on a trip back in time to discover how the phoneme AU works.

Australian dinosaurs, ancient marine creatures, and even megafauna are encountered on this quirky phonics trip.  The illustrations are wonderful, with rich colours and fantastic multimedia use.

A brilliant companion to Baker’s other works, such as The OO in Uluru, this book is perfect to be shared with emerging readers.

G.O.A.T. : greatest of all time / Kate + Jol Temple ; Rebel Challenger. | Cockburn Libraries (

The prolific children’s authors, Kate and Jol Temple have hit it out of the park again.

Goat has decided that he is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) and when his farmyard friends question him on this, he decides to spread the acronym love around, but he doesn’t seem to think that his mates are quite as fantastic as him.  He declares that duck is the Deadliest Underwater Crumb King, and that cow is the Coolest Overalls Wearer.

This is a fun story with entertaining illustrations. Great for a discussion about acronyms, or just to have a fun read with kids.

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Crow baby / Helen Milroy. | Cockburn Libraries (

Helen Milroy has created a lovely story, set long ago, when the universe was newly created.  Crow Baby tells the story of Daisy Crow, a baby whom, through a unique set of circumstances, is born with both a human and a crow spirit.

Daisy grows up in a loving human community with an elder crow guardian.  Through the story she discovers her own special talents and how this gift can help her community.  Daisy eventually faces a dire situation in which she must make a life changing decision in order to protect her human family.

This is a beautiful tale that can introduce readers to first nations concepts of spiritual gifts and dream journeys.  For readers 6 +, but best read to your child as a bedtime story.

The fall of the Aztecs / Dominic Sandbrook with illustrations by Edward Bettison. | Cockburn Libraries (

This is the latest in the amazing Adventures in Time series by historian, author, television presenter, and podcaster, Dominic Sandbrook.

Told in a narrative style, the author gives a wonderful overview of Aztec daily life as well as a general introduction to Aztec culture.

Telling the story of the Spanish Conquistadors from their first contact with the Aztec Empire through to the death of Emperor Montezuma and the destruction of his city Tenochtitlán, this book is an exquisite read.

Perfect for upper primary and lower high school readers.  This book (and the entire series) is great for those with a passion for history.

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Tales from Shakespeare / Michael Morpurgo ; introduction by Benedict Cumberbatch. | Cockburn Libraries (

Have you every struggled to understand Shakespeare’s classic works? If so, then this amazing book is for you.  Even through it is designed for children, adults will also delight in these retellings.

Featuring 10 of Shakespeare’s best-known plays, each is retold in accessible language, but in a warm yet whimsical style.  Each retelling is also beautifully illustrated, each by a different artist.

Although this book is aimed at upper primary readers, people at every age will love this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tales From Shakespeare and I think that you will to, you may be arguing about who gets to read it first. 

Bunuru –
Second summer (season of the adolescence) February – March

Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain. Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons if you’re close to the coast. Therefore, traditionally this was, and still is, a great time for living and fishing by the coast, rivers and estuaries. Because of this, freshwater foods and seafood made up major parts of the diet during this time of year.

Bunuru is also a time of the white flowers with lots of white flowering gums in full bloom, including Jarrah, Marri and Ghost Gums.

Another striking flower that is hard to go past is the female Zamia (Macrozamia riedlei). Being much larger than that of its male counterpart, the huge cones emerge from the centre of the plant with masses of a cotton wool like substance.

As the hot, dry weather continues the seed upon the cones change from green to bright red, indicating they’re ripening and becoming more attractive to animals, particularly the emu, that will eat the toxic fleshy outer.

Source:  Bureau of Meteorology