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Children’s brains, aged 0-3, are wired to develop oral language. Every time they hear a word they are going to be developing synapses for that word…no matter the language.

Did you know:

  • Language development starts before birth.
  • Children from birth can differentiate languages with a different base: English is a Germanic language (like Dutch and German). So, from birth children can tell the difference between English and Slavic languages (Russian, Croatian, etc.) or English and Romance languages aka ones that derive from Latin (French, Spanish, etc.) or English and Sino-Tibetan languages (Chinese, Burmese, etc.).
  • Children from six months can tell the difference between languages from the same family.
    • There are over 100 language families around the world so I have only named a few.
  • It takes us a long time to learn how to talk (it’s a very involved cognitive and physical process) but we are learning language all our lives. Babies are always learning.

Synapses (where we store all of our knowledge) develop through exposure and repetition. Which means, we need to have opportunities to experience lots of things but we also need to repeat those experiences and similar ones to reinforce the knowledge are we building.

For adults, we need to hear a word between 1-5 times, in context, to use the word correctly.
For children, they need to hear the word hundreds of times, in context, to be able to use it.
For babies, they have no context so we are building that for them every time we chat to them, every time we talk about the world around them, talk to them, talk near them, sing to them, rhyme with them, read to them, and play with them.

If we want our children to be bilingual, or multilingual, there is never a better time to start than from birth (or before) and the library wants to help with that so we are pleased to launch a new resource for library members wanting to expose their children to more books in languages other than English.

LOTE Online

LOTE Online for Kids is a digital database, that allows kids to enjoy the magic of books in LOTE ( Languages Other Than English ).

With a collection of over 1500+ titles in 40+ languages and releases of approximately 50 digital books each month.

Bilingual Books

Our libraries also have a range of bilingual books (books in English and another language using parallel text). For parents who are helping their children develop language

Link to Catalogue record for Te-ika-a-Maui = The fish of Maui
Link to Catalogue record for D is for Dragon Dance
Link to Catalogue record for Emotions = Emozioni
Link to Catalogue record for How are you? = ¿Cómo estás?

Parenting Collection

Did you know, that each Cockburn library has heaps of books for parents – on parenting?

These posts we do each week are aimed at helping care givers of all types to help children develop the skills they need for future endeavours: school and beyond.

And this week I wanted to highlight some of the resources we have available all the time even when Storytime or Pram Jam isn’t on.

Our Parenting Collection has almost 1000 books currently including some very popular books:

Link to Catalogue record for Save our sleep : a parents' guide towards happy, sleeping babies from birth to two years
Link to Catalogue record for 1-2-3 magic
Link to Catalogue record for Feeding your baby day by day : from first tastes to family meals

The books in the Parenting collection cover a wide-range of topics but I’m going to highlight a few about helping language development as that’s what I’m here to write about today.

Link to Catalogue record for The gift of gab : 65 fun games & activities to help encourage speech development in your child
Link to Catalogue record for Talk to me, baby! : how you can support young children's language development
Link to Catalogue record for Child : how children think, learn and grow in the early years

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In addition to the resources above, check out these posts on our website with resources for you.

If there is one thing I can encourage you to take away from what we share here, and I have talked about today, it is this:

Write (play),
Play with you child every day

Doing that will set them up to succeed in so many parts of life.