You know how libraries are always pushing the importance of reading with your young child. We bang on about how vital it is that you help your child develop pre-literacy and early literacy skills. We even offer amazing programs like Pram Jams and Storytime to help you and your child develop those skills.  There is another very important skill that we often model in these sessions without you even realising it.  Early numeracy!

Counting. It is such a simple thing to do, yet it is one of the most important aspects of early numeracy development.  Being able to accurately count enables children to progress onto other more complex numeric skills. 

In our Storytime and Pram Jam sessions we will sing a lot of songs based on counting and this is a really fun way of introducing your child to counting.  Some other ways to encourage your child to count are:

Incorporate counting into everyday – count the trees on your street, shells at the beach or toys as you’re packing away.

Cook together – while cooking you can demonstrate counting, measuring, adding and other math skills.

Play – there are many fabulous board games that involve counting like snakes and ladders.  Physical games such as “What’s the time Mr Wolf”.

Point out all the number you see – numbers are everywhere, point them out to your child. You may see numbers on letter boxes, buses, road signs or even at the supermarket.

Counting Books

Link to Catalogue record for Six Little Chicks

Six Little Chicks – Jez Alborough

This is a lovely rhyming story about a mother hen and her efforts to protect her chicks.  But this is hard to do when five have hatched and the last egg still needs to be kept warm.  What is a mother hen to do? 

With some help from her friends and some quick thinking from her chicks, the day is saved and the last chick hatches.  The rhymes and illustrations in this book are gorgeous.

Ten in the Bed – Jane Cabrera

This book takes the classic counting rhyme that we all know and gives it a little twist.  A different character falls out on each page.  A pilot, a cook, how many different characters could fit in that bed? 

This book could be read or sang aloud to your child and there is just enough divergence from the classic to engage.  Probably best suited for very young readers.

Link to Catalogue record for Ten in the Bed
Link to Catalogue record for Bush Bash

Bush Bash! – Sally Morgan, Illustrated by Ambelin Kwaymullina

Where is Dingo dashing off too? 

Dingo races past ever increasing groups of native Australian animals in this beautiful book.  He passes by burrowing bilbies, gleeful gliders, merry magpies and many more on his way to his final destination.

This is a great counting book,  but it also a wonderful seek and find book, with each double page spread hiding an invasive species and an Aboriginal artefact.

Counting Songs

Counting Craft

Carrot Counting Garden

What you’ll need?

Orange, green and brown card or paper



What to do?

Fold the brown card nearly in half, but leave a 3-4 cm at the back.

Cut out five carrot shapes from your orange card and number each 1 through to 5.

Cut out thin strips from the green card. 

Glue one green strip on the carrot numbered one, two on the carrot numbered two and so on.

Enjoy planting your carrots in order in their garden bed.