Well, it’s been an interesting introduction to the month of June for me so far. Having spent half of it on and off work with blocked noses; runny noses; wet coughs; dry coughs; phlegmy coughs. It goes on – I won’t draw you a picture. My point – [If there is one! -Ed.] –  is that if the first half of June has taught me anything, it’s that:

Winter is Here!

That beautiful time of year when the milder, autumn weather turns fully feral; when the trees stop growing and look a bit dead, while the weeds won’t stop growing; when that three layers of extra clothing is almost enough to keep you warm; when you realise complaining about the heat all summer and wishing it was winter already was a big mistake! Ah, yes, winter!

And since you’ll be spending more time indoors hiding from the beautiful weather, that means more time to read some awesome, wintry books. So grab a blankie and a cup of your favourite hot drink and settle in for some cozy reading!

Link to Catalogue record for The very sleepy bear
Link to Catalogue record for Any room for me?
Link to Catalogue record for Stick Man
Link to Catalogue record for Scruffle-Nut

Well! They were quite nice stories. Although … they did have more of a feel of what you’d call a traditional, northern hemisphere winter, didn’t they? Let’s read some stories about our Australian winter, shall we? And to prove how hard it is to find them, I’ve had to include one about Antarctica! And before you ask, yes it counts!

Link to Catalogue record for A winter's day
Link to Catalogue record for The snow wombat
Link to Catalogue record for The emperor's egg

Luckily there are many rhymes that suit our wintry theme. Here are two nice examples – the second (on the right) goes to the tune of Frere Jacques:

Incy Wincy Spider rhyme
I Hear Thunder! rhyme