Hi everyone! Time for another pram jam post. Now, I know it’s already well into December so you might be thinking this will be all about that thing that starts with a “C” that happens every year on the 25th. Well, you’d be wrong! This year I plan to ignore the whole thing until the very last minute.

So, what are we going to talk about? Well, it’s the last week of school so the other big thing that happens in December is …


And what adventures will you be getting up to these summer holidays? Maybe the family will go on a little trip? Even just for the day, like going to the beach. Maybe you’ll play some backyard cricket?

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Or maybe it’s all about fun and games? Indoors and out. Maybe you want to spend time in the kitchen ‘helping’ mum baking tasty treats? [We all know you mean making a mess and licking the bowl. – Ed.] Whatever you plan to do, there’s sure to be a book to help inspire you at the library.

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Hold on! Wait one cotton-picking minute! Some of those books had the “C” word in the title, didn’t they? I told you we’re not talking about that today. What? I can’t hear you, “La,la,la,la,la!”

[David proceeds to scrunch his eyes closed, put his fingers in his ears
and roll around on the floor for 10 minutes. Textbook denial. – Ed.]

Okay, okay. I’m alright. Deep breaths. Actually, those last few are cookbooks, aren’t they? I like food! And cooking. But especially the eating part. I guess it wouldn’t be too early to prepare for that. Especially things that last and can be stored in tins or jars, like slices and biscuits, etc.

You and your family might be celebrating the big “C” these holidays but have you wondered: does everyone celebrate it? Maybe you’re curious to know what kinds of things other people might celebrate. It’s always fun (and educational) learning something new about people, cultures and customs.

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Even living in the same ‘culture’ you will find families can celebrate in very different ways. Put it to the test: ask your friends what wonderful, wacky and/or weird things they’ll be doing these holidays. You may be surprised!

Well! Now that we know what we’re all doing these holidays, are we all set for our holiday adventures? Packed your official Holiday Adventure Kit. What?! You don’t have one? How are you going to have a proper holiday adventure without one?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you out. Okay. So the first and only rule to make your very own Holiday Adventure Kit is:
            (1) you need a backpack/bag/carry case/box thingy to put your stuff in.
            (2) you have to make a list of ten things to take. But only ten. Not a single thing more, or less!

To give you some ideas, I’ll let you in on the top-secret contents of my official Holiday Adventure Kit: 
            Black leather, secret agent style briefcase (of course!)
            (1) Compass (or the Sun)
            (2) Notepad (or loo roll – two birds, one stone)
            (3) Pencil (must be blunt – and always forget the sharpener)
            (4) Butterfly Catcher (must be comically oversized)
            (5) Rope (to lower yourself into adventure-worthy looking holes)
            (6) Shovel/spade (to dig yourself out of holes)
            (7) Fake beard and glasses (I wear mine all the time – even to sleep)
            (8) Jam and peanut butter sandwich
                (Mum! How many times do I have to tell you I hate jam and peanut butter sandwiches?!)
            (9) One over-ripe banana
                (make sure it’s nicely smushed into the bottom of the case by the end of the day)
            (10) Plastic spoon (the smallest and flimsy-est you can find)

And there we are! All ready for the holidays. I don’t have a special holiday rhyme to share but while you’re packing your official Holiday Adventure Kit, you could listen to this classic, cheery little song.

Happy Holidays everyone and a Happy New Year!