Children’s Book Week review – Van Gogh and the seasons: an art book for kids, written by Kate Ryan and illustrated by Cally Bennett

This book is notable for the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, which is a category covering a variety of interesting non-fiction books.

Cover Image for Van Gogh and the seasons: an art book for kids

This book introduces children to the art of Vincent Van Gogh by taking them on a journey through the seasons. Facts about the artist’s life and painting techniques, as well as broader information about the colours and topics of the artworks, help kids to develop an appreciation and interest in his work.

To accompany their exhibition, the National Gallery of Victoria designed Van Gogh and the Seasons – An Art Book for Kids for little artists to understand the exhibition in a cute and colourful way. The book is guided by a little field mouse named Theo and like the exhibition, it explores the four seasons of nature through Van Gogh’s vision. 

You can reserve a copy of this beautiful book from Cockburn Libraries.

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