Children’s Book Week review – Two Rainbows by Sophie Masson and Michael McMahon

This book is notable for the Children’s Book Council of Australia – Early Childhood Book of the Year 2018. These Australian books are written for pre-school and early school years aged children and their families.

Sophie Masson‘s book is a beautiful exploration of colour in the city and on a farm. The colours of a rainbow are presented on a page each for both the city and rural settings. The busy city pages are mostly grey with tall buildings and a splash of colour, whilst the farm colours spread across a vast, peaceful landscape. In addition to the the colours discussed, the comparisons illustrate the differences in life in these places, with the conclusion that some things are the same no matter where you live.

Michael McMahon’s remarkable illustrations make this book a feast for the eyes of both children and parents. Read more about his creation process.

You can reserve a copy of this book from Cockburn Libraries.

Cover Image for Two rainbows