Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Manning Park. Wednesday 23 October 2019, 10am–1pm.
No Storytime or Pram Jam on the day.

It’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic time here in Cockburn.

Hide & Seek with a Book

Cockburn Libraries will be hiding 12 books at Teddy Bear’s Picnic for you to find and enjoy. If you do, sit under a tree, share the book and then hide it for someone else to find or take it home to enjoy with your whole family.

On Wednesday 23 October 2019, 10am–1pm, come and join the library and lots of other providers of children’s services at the Azelia Ley Museum grounds, Manning Park, Azelia Road, Hamilton Hill.

There will be cuddly farm animals, roaming teddies, giveaways, information, and so much more.

As we will be at the event with our very own information stall and giveaways there will be no Coolbellup Storytime or Success Pram Jam on Wednesday 23 October. So, if you can make it please come and say hello to Jessica and David at Manning Park.

For more information on Teddy Bear’s Picnic please contact the City of Cockburn on 08 9411 3444.