Farms, and in particular, farm animals hold a special fascination for small children.  With most of us living in an urban environment the closest we come to farm animals may be a petting zoo. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have chickens in your back yard. Or a relative with a rural property! 

Just imagine:

Milking the cows each morning. 

Feeding pigs and horses.

 The joy of a tractor ride.

 Sowing a crop

Reading about farms is a brilliant way for children to learn about where their food comes from and appreciate the cycles of life.  What’s not to love about a farm?

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

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There are so many very rude noises coming from Old MacDonald’s farm.  Where are they coming from?  This book is an irreverent take on the classic.  Including do-it-yourself instructions to help you perfect the various types of fart noises that Old MacDonald hears, this book is guaranteed to get children laughing.

You will never guess where the fart is coming from!

Book cover for Old MacDonald Heard a Fart
Book cover for Chooky-doodle-do

Chooky-doodle-do – Jan Whiten and Sinead Hanley

Pulling at a worm has never taken so much effort.  The little chooky chicks work together to pull up the tough worm.  This book uses humour and rhyme to get across the messages of friendship and team work.   Each page introduces a new little chooky chick and counts through the team.  Chooky-doodle-do is chocked full of bright and funky illustrations that capture the eye and the imagination and the story has an enjoyable rhythm that will keep both the reader and the listener engaged.

Is the worm really what it seems?



Bigsy is very quiet when he sleeps, but once he is let out in the morning he has jobs to do on the farm and makes quite a racket going about it.  Bigsy scares off intruders, says good morning to his friends and gets ignored by the cows on the farm.  Not everything that Bigsy does is helpful.  He spooks the sheep, he annoys the ducks and the Mother pig tells him off.  He really is a busy dog, and he accomplishes this all before breakfast.

Is it any wonder that he needs another sleep?

Book cover for My Dog Bigsy



This is the way we milk the cows

Milk the cows, milk the cows

This is the way we milk the cows so early in the morning!


This is the way we feed the cows

Feed the cows, feed the cows

This is the way we feed the cows so early in the morning!


This is the way we milk the cows

Milk the cows, milk the cows

This is the way we milk the cows so early in the morning!


This little piggy went to market (touch big toe)

This little piggy stayed home (touch next toe and so on)

This little piggy had jam and bread

And this little piggy had none

And this little piggy went “wee, wee, wee, wee!”

All the way home (tickle all over)

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Paper Plate Chicken

What you’ll need:

A paper plate

Red card or paper

Yellow card or paper

Scissors, glue and a black marker

Trace around your child’s hand on the red card and cut out.

Cut a triangle from the yellow card.

Glue the red hand shape to the top of the paper plate to make the chicken’s comb and glue the yellow triangle towards the bottom of the plate to make the beak.

Draw on eyes with the black marker.