Harmony Day is coming! In Australia, we are blessed to live in a truly multicultural society and today is one of the days we celebrate our diversity.

Harmony Day is all about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. During Harmony Week, we will be celebrating this special day with books and activities based around multiculturalism at our Storytime sessions. On Thursday 21 March at Success Library, you can check out the Community Health and Harmony Day in the foyer and upstairs.

Harmony Day infographic

Books for sharing on Harmony Day (and any day!)

The Hello atlas by Ben Handicott allows children to learn how other kids speak in countries around the world. There is also an app available to enable readers to hear the sounds of the different languages as they travel the globe.

Cover Image for The Hello atlas
Cover Image for Handa's surprise

Handa’s surprise by Eileen Browne takes us to Kenya, where Handa is taking a gift of seven fruits to her friend. Children can learn about a variety of African animals and food in this classic children’s book.

The traditions and practices of the Muslim holy month is explained simply from the viewpoint of a child in My first Ramadan by Karen Katz. She is the author of a number of multicultural stories including The colors of us, My first Chinese New Year and My first Kwanzaa.

Cover Image for My first Ramadan

Harmony Day craft

Print the paper doll chain template and follow the instructions to cut and fold.

You can decorate the paper dolls in multicultural clothes and add your own message of inclusion and harmony.

Photo of Harmony Day paper doll chain

Does your child speak a language other than English at home?

In term two will be will running Learning English Through Storytime again – a special Storytime for children who do not speak English at home, or who speak limited English. Bookings will opening in April.