Welp, it’s that time of year again. Most parents are sighing with relief, while others are a little teary and panicky. Here at the library we are enjoying all of our regular toddler and baby programming starting back up again. That’s right! SCHOOL IS BACK!

Okay, admittedly its been a few weeks now and possibly this blog post has missed the mark timewise but, it never hurts to try. So, in this post, we are going to show you a few books, rhymes and a craft about school and learning that you can share with your toddlers who may be looking forward to school in the next year or two. Or perhaps they have an older brother or sister at school and they want to feel included. Either way, please enjoy this contribution.


What’s in my lunchbox? written by Peter Carnavas is a short and sweet read which is great for early literacy as in incorporates a lot of repetition and visual cues. Very young children might enjoy guessing what is going to be in the lunchbox on the next page.

Book cover for What's in my lunchbox?
Book cover for I don't want to go to school!

I don’t want to go to school! written by Stephanie Blake is a cute and funny read about a little rabbit’s first day at school and his fears about going for the first time. Little rabbit learns that school is not so scary after all.

Monsters love school written and illustrated by Mike Austin, is an exciting and colourful story about starting school. This story is super-fun to read with children and there is lots of alliteration and rhyming and funny cute pictures to match the story as you read. It is a great book to read to children who might be feeling a little nervous about starting school.

Book Cover - Monsters love school” title=“View this item in the library catalogue

CRAFT – Name and Shapes

This craft offers lots of learning opportunities to help with school readiness. There is recognition of shapes and colours, practicing cutting and gluing, and learning how to write and spell names.

What you will need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • marker pens
  • round or other shaped stickers
  • coloured card or paper




What to do:

  • Draw some shapes on different coloured pieces of card
  • Have your little one cut out and identify the shapes (if they are too young to cut – you could just try identifying and cutting them out yourself)
  • Write the letters of your (child’s) name on different pieces
  • Glue the shapes onto another piece of coloured paper or card to make your name.
  • Alternatively, just use the different cut shapes to make another shape like a car or rocket-ship.



The wheels on the bus

The wheels on the bus
go round and round.
Round and round,
round and round.
The wheels on the bus
go round and round.
All the way to school!

Wipers … go swish swish swish

Horn … goes beep beep beep

Students … go up and down

Children … go ha ha ha

Teachers … go sh sh shh!

The youtube clip below contains the ABC song with the “Zee” instead of “Zed”. If you prefer the “Zed” version, youtube contains a number of different versions – though I prefer the easy to learn tune and simplicity of this one. Please enjoy learning with your little ones!