Arrgghhh, me hearties! It’s time for Mel’s Pirate Storytime Blog!

Pirates are such a fun thing to do at Storytime. There are endless options for things you can make that are pirate related: parrots on a stick, pirate ships out of things you can find around the house, a spyglass or an eye patch. You could even teach your little ones how to turn a newspaper into a pirate hat / boat! If you can’t remember how to do this, there are many YouTube tutorials. wink

Remember, developing a child’s vocabulary is crucial because he or she will find it much easier to read and write words that are already known. Parents can help children learn words by teaching them how to describe the world around them. Books are an excellent way to introduce vocabulary that may not be in the child’s immediate environment, as is simply talking to children so they learn to recognize common words and what they stand for. And of course, if the books you are reading are fun, eye-catching and entertaining, your child is much more likely to retain what they see and hear.

The books I have chosen to review this week are all pirate themed, of course, but each one is also great fun to read with your little ones and they all have beautiful bright images and text to keep kids’ focused.



Book cover for Ten Little Pirates

Ten little pirates written by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty is described as a traditional counting rhyme with a boat-load of pirate fun. The story has a beautiful flow to it due to the continuous rhyming and each page is filled with big distinctive lettering and amusing and detialed pictures to count.

My Granny is a Pirate written by Val McDermid and Arthur Robins.
When a family secdret about Granny is revealed, we hear all about her swashbuckling, fearsome adventures on the high seas. This story is so cute and musical to read, with an excellent story that engages the reader from beginning to end – highly recommended!

Book cover for My Granny is a Pirate
Book cover for You can't scare a Princess

You can’t scare a Princess written by Gillian Rogerson and Sarah McIntyre is a riotous explosion of colour and fun. Princess Spaghetti must defend the Cupcake Palace and save her father the king from an invasion of pirates bent on wrecking the place in search of treasure. Luckily for Princess Spaghetti, the pirates are very silly, so she bravely directs them to where the treasure is buried so that they stop destroying her castle. 

Craft – Make a Pirate’s Spyglass

What you will need:

  • Black construction paper or card
  • sticky tape or glue and scissors
  • glad wrap
  • yellow or other coloured paper
  • stickers

What to do:

  • Roll your construction paper or card into a tube with one end smaller than the other.
  • Tape or glue together to stop it coming undone.
  • Trim the ends to make it nice and smooth.
  • Stretch some glad wrap or other plastic accross each end and tape it down.
  • Use some yellow (or other coloured card) to make rings at either end to cover the end of the glad wrap.
  • Decorate your spyglass with stickers!