Hello Everyone and welcome back for my first storytime blog post of 2022!

It’s a new year and over the break I have been reading some amazing junior fiction. One of my favourite junior fiction authors is and has been for a long time, Rick Riordan. He writes such excellent, fun, adventurous, fantastical, inclusive and even educational stories, that even at the ripe old age of (you don’t really need to know), I still love reading his books!

Over the years I have shared my love of Rick’s stories with my only slightly younger sister, my 12 year old niece, and my daughter, who after reading them from the age of 10, continues to love them at 18! I even enjoyed the much maligned Percy Jackson films and I am SOOOO EXCITED for the new Disney series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and they recently announced they will also be adapting the book I am reviewing for you today, Daughter of the Deep. Netflix are working on adapting The Kane Chronicles and the news that has teenage book lovers salivating – son of Hades, Nico di Angelo, and his partner, son of Apollo Will Solace (from the Greek God’s series) are getting their own book!

If your young reader has achieved a comfortable ability to read larger chapter books, and enjoys a great adventure with the added bonuses of magic, powers, and almost always incredible food options to make the fussiest eater drool, get them started with one of the dozens of Rick Riordan books. You can find out more about Mr Riordan writing journey and all of his amazing books at his website rickriordan.com

Anyway, enough babble from me. Please enjoy my book review of Daughter of the deep written by Rick Riordan.


Book cover for Daughter of the deep

Daughter of the deep written by Rick Riordan is the latest stand-alone addition to the Rick Riordan catalogue. Ana Dakkar is a freshman at Harding-Pencroft Academy, a five-year high school that graduates the best marine scientists, naval warriors, navigators, and underwater explorers in the world. Ana’s parents died while on a scientific expedition two years ago, and the only family’s she’s got left is her older brother, Dev, also a student at HP. Ana’s freshman year culminates with the class’s weekend trial at sea, the details of which have been kept secret. She only hopes she has what it’ll take to succeed. All her worries are blown out of the water when, on the bus ride to the ship, Ana and her schoolmates witness a terrible tragedy that will change the trajectory of their lives. But wait, there’s more. The professor accompanying them informs Ana that their rival school, Land Institute, and Harding-Pencroft have been fighting a cold war for a hundred and fifty years. Now that cold war has been turned up to a full broil, and the freshman are in danger of becoming fish food. In a race against deadly enemies, Ana will make amazing friends and astounding discoveries about her heritage as she puts her leadership skills to the test for the first time.

This book is quite different to the usual Riordan fair and instead of the links to gods and monsters, this book links to the classics 20, 000 Leagues under the Sea and Journey to the centre of the earth and The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Did you think Captain Nemo was made up? No way! 

I loved reading about Ana and her struggles in this book. The story gives excellent insight into how Ana feels with what is happening around her and doesn’t forget the day to day aches, pains and annoyances that all teenage girls face, and yet they still have to get up out of bed and face the world. Any young people with a passion or even passing interest in the ocean, sea life or cool guns and even cooler submarines, will love reading this exciting, edge of your seat adventure! And in classic Rick style, there is always the exciting meal options prepared by unusual chefs. Seaweed cheese souffle anyone?

Have you already read Daughter of the Deep? Want to know what house you’d be in if you were a student at Harding-Pencroft Academy? Try this quiz – I am very excited to announce that I am a SHARK!

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