With less than fifty days until Christmas, Santa is sure to be checking his list to see who has been naughty or nice. And with Santa Claus coming to town you won’t want to be on his naughty list! So this week for Storytime I am looking at the “Naughty” theme so that my storytimers can assure me that they themselves are never naughty!

Books to Read

Dirty Bertie


Bertie’s family is in despair. For Bertie has some dirty habits. For starters he eats sweets from off the floor and picks his nose. And then he licks the dog and wees in the flowerbed. “No, Bertie! That’s dirty, Bertie!” say his family. Will Bertie ever give up his horrible habits? Read this funny tale and find out.

You Do!


Like Bertie, Daisy picks her nose too! But guess what? So does Daisy’s mum! Is it true? Does Daisy’s mum really do things that are naughty? Does she really slurp her soup, leave her clothes on the floor and talk with her mouth full? This story is sure to raise a giggle.

A Rhyme for You

                                                     Nod your Naughties out!

TongueOutWe’re going to nod, nod, nod our naughties out
Nod, nod, nod our naughties out
Nod, nod, nod our naughties out
And wiggle our waggles away.

We’re going to clap, clap, clap our crazies out ….
We’re going to shake, shake, shake our sillies out ….
We’re going to jump, jump, jump our jiggles out ….

Naughty Spider Craft

Wouldn’t it be naughty to give your mum (or brother or sister or friend) a fright with a scary spider?


Let’s make one!

You will need:

  • Black card
  • 4 pipecleaners (preferably black)
  • Extra card (to make the spider’s face)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Copy or draw a spider’s face onto a piece of card. Colour and cut out. Cut out a strip of black card for the spider’s body (approximately 4cm x 30cm) and tape it together to make a circle. Cut each pipecleaner in half and then tape to the inside of the black card. Shape each of the pipecleaner halves to make eight legs. Glue the face onto the front of the black card. Your spider is now ready to give someone a scare!

And Remember
Reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child. Happy reading!

PS I would love to know whether you have been naughty or nice, so be sure to let me know. You might also like to share your favourite naughty stories and rhymes.