While you are probably familiar with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, did you know that there is also a Grandparent’s Day? Grandparent’s Day recognises the significant contribution that grandparents make to their families and communities and is an opportunity for grandchildren, children and the community to acknowledge and thank grandparents for their love and support. In Australia, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in October. You can get involved in Grandparent’s Day by doing something special with your grandparents, or organising an event with your school or community group.


Grandma Wins

by Tessa Quinlan, illustrated by Dave Atze

This was the winning children’s picture book in the 2017 Redgum Book Club Young Writers’ Award. It is a funny story about a boy named Jack and his special relationship with his slightly wacky grandma. They have lots of fun playing games together and his grandma even understands Jack’s no fruit or vegetables rule. But is his grandma really serving up baby spew, fried worms with frogs’ feet and bison eyeballs? The author, Tessa Quinlan, was only 12 years old when she wrote this story in the hope that lots of children could relate to it. Tessa believes that grandparents are fun, clever and have lots to teach us. Tessa really admires the work of Jackie French, who has also written a book about a grandma – Grandma Wombat.


Grandpa and Thomas and the Green Umbrella

by Pamela Allen

This sweet story sees Thomas spending a day at the beach with his Grandpa. The sun is shining and the sea is singing. They put up their green umbrella, put on their hats and apply sunscreen to protect them from the hot sun. They have fun together playing in the sand and swimming in the sea. But a sudden change in the weather sees their green umbrella shelter them from the falling rain. In this day out at the beach, Pamela Allen effortlessly captures the special bond between grandfather and grandchild. There is so much to like about Pamela Allen’s wonderful and enduring children’s picture books. Other titles by Pamela Allen that are also about grandparents include Grandpa and Thomas, The Potato People and Is Your Grandmother a Goanna?

My Grandparents Love Me

by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Judi Abbot

This is a heartwarming celebration of the special bond children and their grandparents share. Hugs, special toys, delicious cakes, ice-cream, building amazing things, picnics, dress-ups and stories are just some of the wonderful experiences little zebra shares with his Gran and Grandpa. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and capture the affection and joy felt between grandparents and their grandchildren enjoying time spent together. It leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.



Grandma’s Glasses

These are Grandma’s glasses.
(Make “glasses” over eyes with fingers)
This is Grandma’s hat.
(Place hands close together over head)
And this is the way she folds her hands
(Clasp hands together)
And lays them in her lap.
(Place hands in lap).

Recite this second verse in a deep, low voice:

These are Grandpa’s glasses.  
(Make “glasses” over eyes with fingers)
This is Grandpa’s hat.  
(Place hands farther apart over head)
And this is the way he folds his arms
(Cross arms)
And takes a little nap.
(Place head on arms, as if sleeping)

Do it for Grandad

Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie

Let’s clap our hands for Grandad,
for Grandad, for Grandad,
Let’s clap our hands for grandad,
Let’s clap them this way.

Clap this way and that way,
Clap this way and that way,
Let’s clap our hands for Grandad
Let’s clap them this way.

Have the children do the proper actions.
Use these other actions also and change to Grandma
Let’s stomp our feet,
Let’s nod our heads, etc.

Crafty Idea

Let’s make Grandma or Grandpa’s glasses and hat!

Materials needed:

  • Hat template or draw your own
  • Glasses template or draw your own
  • Flower template or draw your own
  • White card
  • Pipe cleaners or feathers
  • Crayons or textas
  • Tape or staples
  • Scissors


  • Copy hat template onto white card.
  • Copy glasses template onto white card.
  • Colour in your hat and glasses.
  • Cut out hat and glasses.
  • For Grandma’s hat add flowers. Attach flowers to pipe cleaners and insert into front of hat.
  • For Grandpa’s hat insert one or two feathers into the band of the hat.
  • Cut out card headband to go around child’s head. Attach headband to hat with tape or staples.
  • Enjoy wearing your hat and glasses!

Note: Hat and glasses templates were sourced from First Palette. 

Did You Know?

In Australia, Grandparent’s Day was first celebrated in Queensland in 2011 and Western Australia in 2012. While in the United States of America, Grandparents Day was first celebrated in 1978 and continues to be an annual event.