Storytime with Jessica – Supernatural Stories

With October approaching and the increasing interest in Halloween here in Australia this seems like a great time to talk about some supernatural stories. Supernatural stories are all of those ones filled with ghouls, ghosts, zombies, witches, and fairies. The best thing about them in picture books is that we can enjoy all of these supernatural creatures without having to worry about being scared…though I for one like a good scare sometimes.

See below for some great books to share if you want to bring a little Halloween into your reading time.

The Books

Link to Catalogue record for Funnybones

Funnybones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

The story of three skeletons – a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton – who venture out of their cellar one night to find someone to scare, only to find that everyone is in bed. Who will they scare now?!

This classic, originally published in 1980, that also spawned a TV cartoon I remember watching as a kid is a delightful tale that never gets old or dated. As Halloween is just as popular in the UK as in the US you might notice a British note in this book.

In The Haunted House by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Susan Meddaugh

A little girl and her father tour a dark, mysterious house, eventually revealed to be a “Halloween House.”

With wonderful rhymes and flaps to lift this is a great book to share on a dark and stormy night (or in broad daylight with all of the lights on depending on your preferences)

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Link to Catalogue record for Ghost in the House

Ghost in the House by Ammi-Joan Paquette and illustrated by Adam Record

Boo! Watch out for this rollicking, cumulative counting book for a Halloween treat that’s more playful than scary. When a little ghost goes slip-sliding down the hallway, he suddenly hears…a groan! Turns out it’s only a friendly mummy, who shuffles along with the ghost, until they encounter…a monster! As the cautious explorers continue, they find a surprise at every turn – and add another adorably ghoulish friend to their tally. But you’ll never guess who is the scariest creature in the house! A very young – and not too scary! – story featuring a witch, a ghost, a skeleton, a mummy and a monster…

A wonderful tale, filled with counting and more supernatural creatures than you want in your house, this book is a great one to share and use to help develop counting skills.

Peppa Pig and the Halloween Costume

Peppa Pig struggles to find a costume that fits her personality and is perfect for trick-or-treating.

We, at the library, love the chance to dress up but sometimes it’s so hard to decide what to wear. This book is all about the search for that perfect costume; the one that will show who we are even when we’re pretending to be someone else.

Link to Catalogue record for Peppa Pig and the Halloween Costume


Five little zombies

Five little zombies
Jumping in the house
One fell down
And he said ouch!
When I called the doctor,
He announced
“No more zombies
Jumping in the house!”

Four little zombies…
Three little zombies…
Two little zombies…

One little monster…

Horns and Fangs, Knees and Claws

Horns and fangs
Knees and claws
Knees and claws
Knees and claws
Horns and fangs
Knees and claws
We all clap paws together

Eyes and ears
Tails and paws
Tails and paws
Tails and paws
Eyes and ears
Tails and paws
We all clap paws together


Unicorn Craft

Definitely on the not-at-all-scary side of supernatural creatures is the Unicorn. This craft, which helps us look at initial sounds in the word unicorn (the onset) as well as giving us lots of opportunities to practise skills (cutting, gluring, drawing, sticking) is also really pretty.

What you need:

  • card and paper
  • curling ribbon
  • sparking paper
  • sticky tape, glue, scissors, and crayons/pencils/textas.

What you do:

  1. Draw a capital U and cut out.
  2. Draw an oval for the face and cut out.
  3. Cut out a horn from the sparkly paper.
  4. Glue all onto the card making a unicorn shape.
  5. Cut lengths of curling ribbon in different colours and curl (you may need an adult for this bit) and glue or sticky tape on for a mane and tail.
  6. Draw on a face and write the rest of U(nicorn)