Storytime with Jessica – Seasons

Seasons can be tricky for kids to get their heads around but books are a great way of diving into the different seasons whether that be:

Summer – Autumn – Winter – Spring (Climate Glossary)


Birak – Bunuru – Djeran – Makuru  – Djilba – Kambarang (Nyoongar seasons)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a book that deals with the Noongar seasons, but we will talk about them at Seasons Storytime sessions.

Human brains like to classify and group things, much like time is a man-made constraint so too are the seasons based on things like the rotation around the sun and the tilt of the Earth’s axis. Seasons can also be lots of fun as well; rainy days in Winter, hot Summer days, watching the leaves turn on deciduous plants and then turning them into compost. Talking about seasons can help children understand why some weather and events happen in certain times of the year as well. So let’s read about seasons.

Link to Catalogue record for A Year On Our Farm

A Year On Our Farm written by Penny Matthews and illustrated by Andrew McLean.

Every month of the year there are jobs to do on a small Australian farm. Fruit ripens, lambs are born, hay is harvested. A Year on Our Farm shows the passing of the seasons through the eyes of the children for whom the farm and all its animals is home.

This book is a great one to share as it takes children through the year on a farm and the different things that happen in different seasons and months. Lots of kids don’t have familiarity with the way different seasons impact on livestock and crops, but through this book, they can learn about this impact.

Taking a Walk – Spring in the Woods by Sue Tarsky and illustrated by Claire Lordon.

Join the fun of finding and counting all the animals, flowers, and insects, as more and more appear on a lively walk through the woods during the springtime. Packed with repetition that young children love and that also helps them learn, this is an entertaining introduction to colours, numbers, and the seasons.

This is a great one to use with a small group or one-on-one as the children are asked to spot things in the picture, to count and to interact with the story. It’s a very fun book that will help develop children’s perceptiveness, tracking, and visual awareness.

Link to Catalogue record for Taking a Walk - Spring in the Woods
Link to Catalogue record for I Want Snow!

I Want Snow! by Tony Ross

When the Queen goes on a trip and sends back a photo of her feeding some penguins, Little Princess decides she wants snow too. The whole palace tries all kind of things – from sandmen instead of snowmen to mudballs instead of snowballs. But this little royal won’t be satisfied until she gets what she wants… and sometimes not even then!

I want snow…being in Switzerland on the top of a mountain just doesn’t count – I want snow falling from the sky and to build a snowman and to have a snowball fight. I’m completely ignoring the fact it would be sooooo cold and wet and I’m sure there are lots of unpleasant things because I’ve never lived somewhere it snowed and…I WANT SNOW!

So does Little Princess and this book also has the connection to how much children want things right now and how little logical matters like the actual season matter. I always enjoy Tony Ross’ stories and this one is great for all of us Australians (or wherever you’re from) that want snow because we don’t have it.


The Leaves on the Tree
Sung to: “The Wheels on the Bus”

The leaves on the tree fall to the ground!
To the ground, to the ground!
The leaves on the tree fall to the ground,
All autumn long!

The leaves on the tree are hiding from us!
Hiding from us, hiding from us!
The leaves on the tree are hiding from us,
All winter long!

The leaves on the tree are starting to grow
Starting to grow, starting to grow!
The leaves on the tree are starting to grow,
All spring long!

The leaves on the tree are nice and bright!
Nice and bright, nice and bright!
The leaves on the tree are nice and bright,
All summer long!

A Snowflake’s On My Nose

A snowflake’s on my nose,
A snowflake’s on my nose,
Hi-ho, just watch me blow
The snowflake off my nose!

Where else on our body might it land?
Chin …


What you need:

What to Do:

  1. Colour in the season pictures.
  2. Cut the bottom off the page and then cut out the seasons.
  3. Glue them into the correct square.