Storytime with Jessica – Robots

Robots are cool!

And most kids agree with me on this so they are also lots of fun to read about.

In books, robots are often anthropomorphised (given human characteristics) so we are able to look at ourselves and the world around us through fresh eyes. The robots that we deal with in real life are much less K-9/Terminator/Gir/Marvin/Number 5 and more surgery/vacuum cleaners/checking pool chemicals/milking cow robots.

One of the great things about robots is that we can be so imaginative with them – they can do anything we want them to in our imagination. They are found abundantly in fiction and non-fiction books so they are a great way to get both scientific and creative!

Link to Catalogue record for The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bag Robot

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bag Robot by written by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by Mark Fearing

Three aliens set off to find a new planet for themselves but soon Bork and Gork have forgotten all of their mother’s good advice and only Nklxwcyz builds a home safe enough to withstand the Big Bad Robot in this story reminiscent of “The Three Little Pigs.”

Okay, so I’m not really looking forward to trying to pronounce Nklxwcyz at Storytime but I really enjoyed this book. As a bonus, the aliens are living on Mercury at the beginning of the book and each planet they discuss is identifiable as one in our solar system so it works if you want to talk about space too.

Unplugged by Steve Antony

Blip spends all day plugged into her computer, playing games and having fun. But when there is a power cut, Blip discovers the joy of being unplugged.

This book is very visually interesting – the pages that deal with Blip being plugged into her computer are all in grey/black/white tones and then we she gets outside there is an explosion of colour. It’s quite a nice reflection of the difference between online life (which can be amazing) and outdoor life (which is always going to be ‘real’ in comparison) and how much fun it can be to be doing stuff. We know how important nature and outdoor play is for children so this book is a great way to talk about that and how much fun it would be to have a robot to go boating with.

Link to Catalogue record for Unplugged
Link to Catalogue record for Boy + Bot

Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

A boy and a robot strike up a friendship despite their differences.

There is a boy. There is a bot. They become friends but what happens with the bot is accidentally turned off and the boy has no idea what has happened. That is what occurs in this sweet and funny book about the inherent differences between a bot and a boy but the fact that they are friends regardless.


Five Little Robots

Five little robots went to outer space one day,
Up in the sky and far away,
Mother robot called, “Beep, beep, beep, beep”
But only 4 little robots came back…

(Repeat until there are no little robots)…

Sad mother robot went to outer space one day,
Up in the sky and far away,
Sad mother robot said,
“Beep, beep, beep, beep”
And all five little robots came back.

The Robot
(tune: “The Wheels on the Bus”)

The legs of the robot go up and down,
Up and down, up and down.
The legs of the robot go up and down,
As it walks around the room
(march around like a robot).

The head of the robot goes side to side…
The arms of the robot go back and forth…
The buttons on the robot go beep, beep, beep…
The lights on the robot flash on and off…
The feet on the robot go clickity clack…
The antennas on the robot wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…


What you need:

What to Do:

  1. Colour in the template.
  2. Cut out.
  3. Create your own robot, gluing it onto the card.