Storytime with Jessica – Nana


No matter what we call them our grandmothers can hold a very special place in our lives. They can be the person who teaches us to knit, or the person we go to when we have a problem, they can be the person we only see once a year or who look after us every week. They might be good bakers or have to buy food ready-made but the relationship that exists between grandmother and grandchild is something we love to cherish. So, in honour of the wonderful grandmothers out there I thought it would be nice to share a few of the many amazing books we have about grandmothers.

The Books

Cover Image for Nanna's Button Tin

Nanna’s Button Tin by Dianne Wolfer & Heather Potter

Nanna’s button tin is very special. It has buttons of all shapes and sizes and they all have a different story to tell. But today, one button in particular is needed. A button for teddy.

My mother has a button container, it’s a strange plastic-y material with stitched seams and I remember loving going through it when I was small and I remember how much my niece enjoyed going through it as well. The buttons were a hodge podge of styles and sizes and colours and yet there would always be the button you need. That’s what this book evokes for me. Teddy needs a new eye and only the right button will do. So, as they search we see little glimpses of the stories behind the different buttons – a holiday where Nanna met her husband, a scary hospital stay, a lovely jumper from three years ago. It’s a simple story with an amazing message about the power of items to bring back such powerful memories. The pictures complement the story and are delightful. A great read to share with everyone but especially your Nana.

Stitches and Stuffing by Carrie Gallasch and Sara Acton

Adeline’s beloved Bunnybear goes with her everywhere, but one night he is damaged by the dog. Nanna sews Bunnybear back together, but this new Bunnybear is stiff and strange and Adeline puts him on a shelf and leaves him there. Then Nanna goes away, and Adeline realises it is not just stitches and stuffing that holds Bunnybear together … it is love.

Adeline loves her Bunnybear and as anyone who knows a small child with a version of Bunnybear knows there is nothing worse than something happening to this treasured part of childhood. But, that is exactly what happens. Bunnybear is destroyed! Adeline had to sleep in her big, empty bed alone. But, the next morning Nanna came to the rescue and knitted Bunnybear two wonderful ears and gave him a new body. Bunnybear wasn’t the same however and Adeline didn’t do quite so much with him. Until, someone else had to go away for a while (Nanna) and Bunnybear’s not-quite right-ness became something that made him just like Nanna and keep Adeline company until see saw Nanna again. Grandparents leaving their home, passing away, or moving is part of life and this book is a wonderful way to talk about it and to remind us that people remain with us no matter where they are from our memories and the way they make us feel.

Cover Image for Stitches and stuffing
Cover Image for Two Bad Grans

Two Bad Grans by Geraldine Durrant & Sarah Horne

Mrs O’Grady was a naughty old lady – very short, rather cross and quite stout – while Mrs Maloney was taller and bony, and liked to give orders. And shout. The two old ladies are very badly behaved! But then something happens that changes both their lives forever.

Not all grans are the same and this delightful, humorous book about two bad grans who are…almost changed by the arrival of grandchild is a favourite of Storytime. It has a great rhyming structure which helps parents reading and children’s enjoyment and the naughty grannies are a nice change if you want a different kind of nana.


For all the grandmothers who indulge naughty habits 🙂

Five Naughty Nannies

Five naughty nannies jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped her head!

I called the doctor and the doctor said:
“No more nannies jumping on the bed!”

Four naughty nannies…
Three naughty nannies…
Two naughty nannies…
One naughty nannies…

I called the doctor and then I said:
“No more nannies jumping on the bed!”

And for all of the nonnas out there…

Fa la ninna, fa la nanna (Italian)

Fa la ninna, fa la nanna
Nella braccia della nonna
Fa la ninna bel bambin,
Fa la nanna bambin bel,
Fa la ninna, fa la nanna
Nella braccia della nonna.

Go to Sleep, Go to Sleepy (English)

Go to sleep, go to sleepy
In the arms of your nonna,
Go to sleep, lovely child,
Go to sleepy, child so lovely,
Go to sleep, go to sleepy
In the arms of your nonna.


Button Sweater for Nana

What you need:

  • white card/paper
  • pencils, textas, crayons, etc,
  • buttons to glue on,
  • glue.

What to do:

  • Draw a picture of your Nana, making sure the sweater outline is nice and big.
  • Collage Nana a sweater out of buttons.
  • It would make a lovely present for any day of the year.