Storytime with Jaki – FROGS!

Big frogs. Little frogs.
Noisy frogs. Quiet frogs.
Green frogs. Red frogs. Blue frogs.
Stripey frogs. Spotty frogs. Blotchy and smooth frogs.
Today we looked at books about all sorts of frogs and found out that although they all something in common – they are all amphibians and they can all swim – they are different in so many ways. Some frogs have webbed feet. Most frogs hatch from an egg. Most baby frogs are tadpoles. Some frogs puff out their neck like a balloon. Some frogs glide from the top of tall trees. And some frogs are poison! Did you know all that?

Let’s look at today’s books:

Cover Image for My Dad is Fantastic

Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble:  Tatyana Feeney

Little Frog loves being in his family of three. We found out what happened when nine new tadpoles showed up!

Cover Image for When A Dad Says I Love You

A Frog in the Bog: Karma Wilson and Joan Rankin

There’s a frog on the log in the middle of the bog … and he’s eating all the insects.  He’s feeling pretty fine. Then the log in the middle of the bog starts to rise …  WHAT A SURPRISE!!

Cover Image for Is Daddy Home Yet?

The Wide-Mouthed Frog: Keith Faulkner and Jonathan Lambert

All animals have their favourite foods, and the wide-mouthed frog likes to ask everyone he meets what their favourite food is… until he stumbles on someone who just loves to eat wide-mouthed frogs.
This beautiful pop-up book ends with a fantastic giggle. Bon Appetit!


Froggy Craft – the Wide Mouth Frog

Wide Mouthed Frog
Wide Mouthed Frog

To make a wide-mouth frog, just like in the book:
– One paper plate
– template for frog eyes
– glue
– pink card strip for frog’s tongue
– crayons, especially green
– stickers
– scissors

Put it together:
The most important part of this craft is the decorating.  Swirl colours all over both sides of the paper plate, until it looks like the skin of your favourite frog.
Flatten the paper plate a little, and then fold it in half.
Roll the pink strip around a pencil or crayon so that it coils like a frog would, then glue it deep within the folded plate – just glue about 1cm at the very end.
Cut the round part of the eyes out (and you can colour them if you want).  Glue the rectangle piece facing backwards (see the photo above) so that the eyes stick up, googly and frog like.

The challenge is to figure out how to turn your wide-mouth frog into a small-mouthed frog when it is confronted by the crocodile!