Storytime with Jaki – Call for the Doctor

Every child gets sick, and every child wants to know that it is a normal thing, so let’s talk about bumps, germs, sniffles and sneezes, coughs and wheezes, throwing up and toilet time – and how to get over all of them.  We will explore what can lead to a doctor’s visit and what happens when you’re sick, and most important of all, the best way to make sure you feel better quickly:  rest, eat well, visit the doctor, take your medicine – and perhaps snuggle up warmly with someone you love.

Let’s look at our books:

Cover Image for How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon  : Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

What if a dinosaur catches the flu?  How does he behave?  This fun look at what you might do when you get sick will make you laugh, as well as think about your behaviour.

Cover Image for HippoSpotamus
HippoSPOTamus : Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

Hippopotamus had a spotamus … on her bottomus!

All the animals have an opinion on what the spot may be, and try and act as doctor.  The end is something hilarious.  This book has fun text, and beautiful illustrations from the talented Tony Ross – a joy to share.

Cover Image for Pedro Has a Bump
Pedro has a Bump! : Kes Gray & Mary McQuillan

Not all doctor visits are because of sickness.  Pedro is playing in the snow with his friends when he has an accident.  Fortunately, he learns that by looking after himself, and taking his medicine, he can get back out to playing.

Doctor : Ando Twin & Lucy M. George

This book explains what one doctor may do in just one morning.  Doctor Miranda sees all sorts of people,  from pregnant mums to a girl with a swollen ankle.  She then describes how she finds out what is wrong with a sick boy.
“Doctor” makes a visit to a doctor a normal, and understandable event, with clear diagrams and easy to follow text.


Five Cheeky Monkeys

Five Cheeky monkeys, jumping on the bed.
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mother called the doctor and the doctor said,
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Four cheeky monkeys …

Three cheeky monkeys …

Two cheeky monkeys…

One cheeky monkey …

We also sang another old favourite, Miss Polly had a Dolly as well as some none-doctor related songs, including Open, Shut them and Heads and Shoulders.


We are going to make our own doctors bag, based on the one in our first story Doctor.
For this craft you need:
– card,
– colouring crayons
– glue
– scissors

To do it:
All the kids get a piece of construction paper and we fold it in half.
Next, we taped handles onto each side.
Then I pass out pictures of different doctor items for their bags: a stethoscope, band aids, pop sticks, cotton balls, medicine, etc.
The children get to practise their cutting out with these, and then glue them inside their bags.
Finally, we made the Red Cross first aid symbol for the front of our medical bags.

This theme is timely, given the amount of colds and flus around at this time of year.  Hopefully children are reassured that the doctor is a safe person, who can help them to get better!