Storytime with Carlie – Up a Tree

Trees are magical things. You can find so many different things up a tree, naturally occurring or human additions. Whatever it is that you find up a tree, it is sure to fill you with wonder and delight.

I love to walk around my neighbourhood looking up at all the beautiful trees. The local Tuarts are my favourite, but to me, every tree is unique and has something to offer.

The thing that I most enjoy looking for in trees is birds.  In my local area we have so many different species of birds that it is hard to pick a favourite, but I do love seeing the family of Boobook Owls sleeping during the day.  My local park also has a bat box for micro-bats. I have only managed to spot a bat a few times and it very exciting to do so.

Around my neighbourhood there are many additions to trees that make them even more enjoyable.  Awesome tree houses and tyre swings brighten up the area and bring extra life and noise to the trees.  Many trees in my neighbourhood have fairy lights entwined in the branches, this means that at night the streets twinkle and glow in an almost magical way.

Flowers and fruits are other wonderful delights given to us from trees.  The Wattle trees are in glorious yellow bloom at the moment, and although they make me sneeze, I love the sight of them.

My next door neighbour has a lemon tree that hangs over my fence and the abundance of fruit is mind blowing.  Do you have fruit trees in your neighbourhood?

Children will sometimes be too busy to take the time to look up and appreciate trees.  It is so worthwhile to take the time and look up, who knows what you may find up a tree!


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An irreverent and unexpected story.  Floyd gets his kite stuck in a tree and that’s where the trouble begins.  In a similar vein to “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly”, this story just keeps adding to its ridiculous nature. 

This story does not follow a predictable path, with the protagonist doing the unexpected.  Your little one will love the simple silliness of this book.  Great for a laugh.

The Magnificent Tree – Nick Bland, illustrated by Stephen Michael King

Bonny and Pop are a lovely pair.  Pop’s ideas are big and brave and Bonny’s ideas are simple and clever.  So when the pair decides that they need to attract birds to their yard, they embark upon different routes to achieve the same result.

Whose idea will attract the birds? What will the end result be?

This is a lovely book that demonstrates that sometimes simple is best.

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Only a Tree Knows How to be a Tree – Mary Murphy

This is a gorgeous picture book that celebrates the abundance of life on earth.  Starting with trees, this book goes through a list that include dogs, fish and even water, demonstrating the uniqueness of each with the refrain that only that thing knows how to be that way…

Everyone needs water, and only water knows how to be water.

This book has beautiful illustrations and is a lovely celebration of how all the different creatures and other forms of life fit together to make up our world.

Up a Tree Song

What do we find up a tree? Yummy apples!

Craft – Family Tree

This simple craft is a great way to mark the passage of time and demonstrate the growth of your family.

What you will need:

  • Different coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What to do:

Trace around the hands of all of your family members.  Cut out the various hand prints and stick the down in a tree shape on a prepared background.