Storytime with Carlie – CATS

Cats can be quite a polarising animal. People seem to have strong opinions about them. Personally, I adore cats and have two gorgeous boys who were both adopted from the Shenton Park Cat Haven.

Cats (or any pet really) are so good for kids to grow up with.  The skills and life lessons that children learn from the companionship and responsibility of pets are invaluable.

Cats teach children to be courteous; there is a particular etiquette that is required when handling cats.  Children learn to be gentle and to read the cues that the cat is giving.

Cats can teach children about responsibility.  The care of a cat (although not as onerous as the care of a dog) involves daily routines that can make a child feel important and can boost their self-esteem.   Making sure that your cat has food and water is quite a simple task, but it is important and having some responsibilities is fantastic for children’s development.

Cats make great companions for children.  I grew up with cats and have many fond memories of the gorgeous cats that I have shared my life with.  My children love our cats and the cats love them back.  Our pets add an extra layer of love and affection to our home, they make our family complete. 

If you are thinking about adding a cat or kitten to your family, remember, adopt not shop!

Cat Books

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My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes – Eve Sutton, illustrated by Lynley Dodd

Illustrated by Lynley Dodd (author of Hairy Maclary) this is a lovely story to read aloud.  Cats from all over the world like to do fancy things such as playing the violin or flying aeroplanes, but the narrator’s cat only likes to hide in boxes.

This is a cumulative story that is told with gorgeous rhythm and rhymes. A classic!

Hetty’s day out – Pamela Allen

Hetty wakes up on a lovely sunny day and decides to go and visit all her friends in the neighbourhood. She finds a feast waiting for her at every doorstep.

This is a very cute story that hides the fact that it is a counting book within its clever narrative.

The twist at the end is adorable.  This is a great book to add to your Pamela Allen collection.

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The Cat Wants Cuddles – P. Crumble, illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

Kevin the cat has an attitude, a distinctly feline attitude! He does not give cuddles on demand.

This book is hilarious and relatable to most cat owners.  Kevin does things on his own terms, no matter how uncomfortable it makes him.

This story is wonderful in the way that it gives voice to the truly capricious character of Kevin.  One all cat owners will enjoy.

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

Cat Craft – Cat Mask

What you will need:

One paper plate

Pink card

Black pipe cleaner or yarn

A straw












For more information about responsible cat ownership, please check out the Happy at Home campaign.

What to do:

Cut your paper plate.  You will want the mask area to be a little larger than half the plate.

Draw two round eyes and carefully cut them out.

Out of the discarded part of the paper plate, cut out two triangle ears.  Glue them to the top of your mask.

Paint your mask.  If you don’t have paint, colouring the mask with crayons or pencils will work

Cut out a small heart shaped nose and two triangles out of a pink card.  Glue to the mask.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half.  Then, fold the pipe cleaner in half.  This will be your whiskers. Glue either side of the nose.

Glue a straw to the back of the mask to form a handle for your mask.