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This week’s Storytime theme at Coolbellup Library is Australia. Pretty broad theme, right? So what are we looking at this week?  Our amazing flora and fauna?  Our ancient Indigenous culture?  Our highly urbanised lifestyle? The beach? The bush?  Australia has a richness that cannot be satisfactorily explored, let alone celebrated in one Storytime. 

So…we’ll stick with what we do best in libraries, celebrating books, and this week we’ll be celebrating books about Australia.  There are so many to choose from but some of my personal favourites include:

I’m Australian Too – Mem Fox, illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh

Drought – Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Dingo – Claire Saxby, illustrated by Tannya Harricks

Of course there are the perennial favourites such at Diary of a Wombat, Possum Magic, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, and Animalia, but as Children’s Books Week shows us every year, Australia is full of talented authors and illustrators catering for our gorgeous children.

Looking forward to seeing you at Coolbellup Library, this and every Wednesday for Storytime at 10:30.



Big Fella Rain – Beryl Webber, Illustrated by Fern Martins

This is a beautiful book that demonstrates the dramatic ways that seasons change in the Top End.  The Big Fella Rain has arrived and the landscape and wildlife spring to life with the wet weather.

The illustrations in this book are simply beautiful. The double page spreads evokes the vastness of the landscape of the Top End as it transitions from The Dry to The Wet.  It demonstrates the importance of rain in the regeneration of the plants and animals.

This really is a lovely book.  The pictures and the text sing in a harmony that reads like the rainfall hitting the parched earth. Should be a hit with big and little readers alike.

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Koala Bare – Jackie French, Illustrated by Matt Shanks

This koala is determined to set the record straight.  He is not a bear, but he is most definitely bare.

He doesn’t hibernate, or eat squishy fish. He doesn’t wear clothes like a silly teddy bear. He is a koala and he wants the world to know that he is bare.  No porridge, honey or bamboo for this guy, he simply wants leaves from a gum tree.

This is a nice gentle book that uses witty rhyming stanzas and cheeky illustrations to engage young readers.  It demonstrates the differences between many types of bears, from fictional to fantastical; from pandas to polar bears at the same time expressly insisting that koalas are not bears.

The Australian ABC – Colin Thiele

This book is an oldie, but a goodie.  First published in 1992, it has become an Australian classic.

The animals of Australia convene a special meeting to represent each letter of the alphabet.  As the book works its way through the alphabet, each letter is represented by a uniquely Australian animal and plant.

                Goanna rattled up the mountainside

                Scattering the fallen gumnuts in his stride.

The book boasts fun text and gorgeous illustrations. It’s longevity is well deserved.

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Translated to Noongar by Gina Williams, Glynis Watt and Pauline Hales

Copyright: CAN Lullabies 2017

Djinda, Djinda, Kanangoor

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Djinda, djinda, kanangoor

Star, star, shining

Ngany kadadjiny naatj noonook

I ponder what you (are)

Yirra ngalang boodjar-ak

High above our land

Boya-mokiny worl-ak

Like a (money) stone in the sky

Djinda, djinda, kanangoor

Star, star, shining

Ngany kadadjiny naatj noonook

I ponder what you (are)               


Australia Puzzle

You will need:




To make:

Do a quick search online search for a free printable map of Australia.

Print onto cardboard.

Cut out individual States to make the puzzle.


If you have a good eye and a steady hand, draw the outline of Australia and mark off the States.

Colour the States and cut them out to make the puzzle.

Geography and problem solving in one activity – What fun!