Storytime with Michaela – Sheep

Baaaaa! If there’s one thing that sheep tend to be, it’s loud! They are also useful for wool, meat and lawn-mowing. We had some pet sheep – Milly, Molly, Holly and Polly – but we decided to sell them after they ate all of our fruit trees and one got stuck in a ditch! So for me, fictional sheep are better than live ones. Here are some great books about these wooly animals…

Cover Image for 10 Funny Sheep
Cover Image for Sheep in a Jeep
Cover Image for Marvin Wanted More!

This book meets many of my criteria for a great children’s book: counting, rhymes and funny pictures. The sheep playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ on an actual donkey will give your kids a giggle.

More funny rhymes in this book as the sheep attempt a 4WD adventure. Sadly, this ends in the jeep in a heap while the sheep weep!

Marvin wants to be bigger. So he eats and eats, until he has eaten the whole world! This book is fun to read with colourful illustrations a message about self-acceptance that you can share with your child.

Rhyme: Five fluffy sheep

5 fluffy sheep skating on the floor, one fell down and that left 4.
4 fluffy sheep drinking cold tea, one got a tummy ache and that left 3.
3 fluffy sheep wondering what to do, one got bored and that left 2.
2 fluffy sheep laying in the sun, one fell asleep and that left 1.
1 fluffy sheep sitting all alone, he didn’t know what to do so he went home!

Craft: Cotton ball sheep

  • Print any template of a sheep
  • Glue cotton balls onto the template as wool
  • Draw or glue eyes on the sheep
  • Baaaa!