As always every month Karyn gives us an excellent picture book of the month choice – and this month we have a selection by a local writer Meg McKinlay (who we should get into the library when we read this book at storytime)!

Take it away Karyn!

No bears is an Australian picture book written by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Leila Rudge. It is a fun and humorous tale of adventure that will engage children from ages 3 upward.
Ruby is in charge of this book and is most adamant that there be no bears in it. Not even one. In fact, the most important thing about Ruby’s story is that there are no bears in it. The secondary criteria are that the story must be scary, exciting and pretty. So there is a beautiful princess living in a faraway castle, a deep dark forest and a monster. What story could possibly be better?
But are there really no bears? Ruby’s efforts to exclude bears seemingly backfires when a bear is ultimately the star of the story. Young children will enjoy spotting the bear within the book’s pages. Humour hiding in the illustrations complements Ruby’s tale and places emphasis on its funny side. On another level lies a message about inclusivity and friendship.
There are numerous references to fairytales and rhymes throughout the story. Children will readily recognise these and enjoy pointing them out – like an owl and a pussycat rowing the monster in a bathtub and a girl letting down her long golden hair.
No bears is a delightful addition to the Library’s storytime resources and will be equally at home in both our “Bears” and “Fairytales” storytime kits. A copy is also available for you to borrow from the Library Service. Happy reading!