There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

With spring in the air and the flowers blooming, this story of the growth of not only a spring bulb but also of a special friendship seemed like a good choice. Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, nor should you judge a flower by its bulb! Which is what a young boy named Tom discovers when his elderly neighbour, Mr Yilmaz (an immigrant from Turkey), gives him a brown bulb.
Tom cannot believe that the brown bulb, which resembles an onion, could possibly become a beautiful daffodil. Mr Yilmaz, who is a keen gardener, suggests they plant the bulb and see. Once the bulb is planted in a large terracotta pot Tom waits. And waits. And nothing happens. Not for some time anyway.
As the bulb begins to sprout, Tom sees the emerging daffodil as a green beak, then green fingers, then his Grandpa’s hairs in the wind, to a rocket, a street light and it is with delight that Tom finally sees a ‘trumpet of gold’. As the bulb develops, so does the friendship between young Tom and Mr Yilmaz.
Each time Mr Yilmaz visits Tom’s house he has gifts
from his garden to share. From apples and lemons to carrots and pumpkins. Together they observe the changes that occur as the daffodil grows and the seasons change from winter to spring.
Written and illustrated by Elizabeth Honey, That’s not a daffodil! has lovely, textured illustrations that serve to complement this sweet and engaging story. It is not surprising that it was an Honour Book in the 2012 CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year awards. That’s not a daffodil! is a charming addition to our ‘Plants’ storytime.Why not share this endearing story with your young children (or grandchildren)? It may even  inspire you to do some gardening together. Happy reading!