Steam Club will begin again on 13 Feb, 2020

Get ready to get messy!
Explore the world of science , technology, engineering, arts and mathematics at our monthly STEAM Club.
Imagine, invent and innovate with fun and challenging hands-on activities for kids.
Each session we will investigate a new topic from the STEAM acronym. Some of the exciting projects we’ll be working on will include rubberband racers, engineering an effective bow and arrow, testing liquid densities and messing about with non-Newtonian fluid.

Bookings required. Book online from two weeks before each workshop! Follow us on Eventbrite for updates.

The Australian Government regards high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education as critically important for our current and future productivity, as well as for informed personal decision making and effective community, national and global citizenship.

Australian Government Department of Education

Check out some photos of previous STEAM Club meetings!