Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year 2021 Shortlist

The Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards aim to promote children’s books as literacy tools, as well as raising awareness of the role of speech pathologists play in helping children develop language and literacy skills. The awards:

  • promote quality Australian children’s literature;
  • enhance awareness of the role speech pathologists play in language and literacy development; and
  • encourage a love of reading.

Each year Speech Pathology Australia holds a book award across five categories: Birth to 3, Three to 5, Five to 8, Eight to 10, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Authored Children’s Book Award. You can check out, or reserve, almost all of the books that have been shortlisted for this year’s awards at Cockburn Libraries.

Birth to Three Years

A Thousand Kisses from Mummy by Anna Pignataro
Backyard Bugs* by Helen Milroy
Feelings and Me by Julie Dini – Not currently available
Let’s Count Wildflowers by Tracey Gibbs
Look, Baby! by Janeen Brian, and illustrated by Renée Treml
One Remarkable Reef by Kellie Byrnes, and illustrated by Rachel Tribout
Ten Little Figs by Rhian Williams, and illustrated by Nathanial Eckstrom
Up and Down on a Rainy Day by Kathryn Apel, and illustrated by Janet Turner
Welcome, child* by Sally Morgan
What Colour is the Sea by Kate Stewart

Three to 5 Years

Back to Sleep by Zoë Foster Blake, and illustrated by Mike Jacobsen
Boo Loves Books by Kaye Baillie, and illustrated by Tracie Grimwood
Dhama the Llama by Matt Cosgrove
Henry Turnip by Chloe Jasmine Harris
Is this your egg?* by Elia Kris, and illustrated by Emma Cracknell
Main Abija My Grandad* by Karen Rogers
No Never by Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman, and illustrated by Mel Pearce
Pink! by Margaret Wild, and illustrated by Judith Rossell
Rudie Nudie Christmas by Emma Quay
Scary Bird by Michel Streich
Sing Me the Summer by Jane Godwin, and illustrated by Alison Lester
Sneaky Shadows by SC Manchild, and illustrated by Sam Caldwell
The Coloured Echidna* by Eunice Day
When the Waterhole Dries Up by Kaye Baillie, and illustrated by Max Hamilton
Yellow Truck Road Train by Mandy Tootell
Your Birthday was the Best by Maggie Hutchings, and illustrated by Felicita Sala

Five to 8 Years

Finding Francois by Gus Gordon
Good Question by Sue Whiting, and illustrated by Annie White
Pirates Don’t Read! by Robin Adolphs, and illustrated by Aaron Pocock
Ribbit Rabbit Robot by Victoria Mackinlay, and illustrated by Sofya Karmazina
Tashi and the Stolen Forest by Anna and Barbara Fienberg, and illustrated by Kim Gamble
The Ee in the Deep Blue Sea by Judith Barker, and illustrated by Janie Frith
The Thing That Goes Ping! by Mark Carthew, and illustrated by Shane McG
The Things You Can Do with Blue Whale Poo by Chris Collin, and illustrated by Bruce Potter
There’s a Zoo in My Poo by Felice Jacka, and illustrated by Rob Craw
Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the Monsoon Forest* by Diane Lucas and Ben Tyler, and illustrated by Emma Long

Eight to 10 Years

Across the Risen Sea by Bren MacDibble
Aster’s Good, Right Things by Kate Gordon
Aussie STEM Stars: Fiona Wood – Inventor of spray-on skin by Cristy Burne, and illustrated by Diana Silkina
Be Your Own Man by Jessica Sanders, and illustrated by Robbie Cathro
Bindi* by Kirli Saunders, and illustrated by Dub Leffler
Edie’s Experiments 1: How to Make Friends by Charlotte Barkla, and illustrated by Sandy Flett
Every Thing We Keep by Di Walker
Hector and his Highland Dancers by Anthony Sevil, and illustrated by Amy Louise Calautti
How to Write the Soundtrack to Your Life by Fiona Hardy
Huda and Me by H. Hayek
Landing with Wings by Trace Balla
Pawcasso by Remy Lai
Songbird by Ingrid Laguna
The Grandest Bookshop in the World by Amelia Mellor
The Republic of Birds by Jessica Miller
Willy-willy Wagtail* by Helen Milroy

* This book is eligible to be judged in its nominated category and is also eligible to be judged for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Authored Children’s Book Award.