So we’ve been busy this holidays with a bunch of robot themed activities! It all started on Friday the 6th of January with the first of our Lego clubs at Coolbellup Library! Everyone grabbed themselves a Lego name label and joined in making various stuff for the first half of the session.  We all wrote down ideas of what to make and then drew them out of a box.  You then had 4-5 minutes to make it! Can you make a banana out of Lego in four minutes? I know some kids who can. The second half of the session was free for all and some people managed to win some pretty cool Lego books and minifigures.  The second of the Lego sessions starting this Friday are going to be a full free for all session but I’ll be taking pictures of some of the creations and we’ll be giving out a Lego Ideas book to one lucky kid from each branch via Facebook!
That afternoon at Spearwood we got various bits of recyclable material and made some recycled robots.  This session has been a pleasant surprise for me. All the kids joining in made some truly stupendous robots! Success library is having their own version of Recyclable robots on Friday run by the effervescent Lizelle! Good times to be had.
Last week we made R2-D2 mailboxes and robot dogs out of paper at Coolbellup and Success – which were…a bit tricky, but those who persevered had some cool stuff to take home. We have one more session on Friday at Spearwood for any interested.
On Wednesday we had the good folks from Tokyo Underground come out and help us make Gundam model robots! Good times were had by all. Remember if you came to this session don’t forget to bring your colouring pages back by the end of school holidays so you win a model kit from the very generous TY.
This week we have more paper craft, Lego and Scitech are visiting to help us mess around with Lego mindstorm robots!
FINALLY next week Tiffany Barton is coming out to perform two sessions for us at Coolbellup on the Wednesday and Success on Friday.  That should be lots of fun as well.  If you want to get in on any of these there’s probably still space – talk to your local friendly library officer or click here to do it online.

And I believe I did say that all those who attend the sessions would get put in a draw to win a prize from Tokyo Undergound!!  Good luck!