‘ Once upon a scary night, three friends set out on a journey.
Hare with a hat, Cat with a cake, Pig with a parcel.’

Scary night / 3 things

And so begins the Scary Night story, written by Lesley Gibbes and illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

Scary Night / Lesley Gibbes

Scary night / Lesley Gibbes and Stephen Michael King

Scary night is an adventurous tale of the journey of three friends through the dead of the night, and the pages are filled with captivating images and text, lots of repetition of phrases (which as we all know, is wonderful in children’s stories!) and rhyming words. There are plenty of opportunities for young children to engage with the illustrations and characters (see the crocodiles?  What do they say? SNAP!  And the bear? ROARRRRR!) and a fun, reassuring ending.

This is probably one of those books that becomes more and more loved the more times it’s read, with the audience appreciating the story and illustrations more with each listening/viewing.
We are growing to love it at our house, it’s been requested 3 nights in a row and so let’s give it THREE STARS!

Scary night / Lesley Gibbes and Stephen Michael King was recently awarded a Honour Book mention in the 2015 Children’s Book Awards Early Childhood category, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.