Resources for Kids – Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s going to be a little different to normal this year.

We would be sharing Mother’s Day at the library at our regular Storytime and Pram Jam sessions but this year we have a virtual Storytime posting tomorrow by Kathryn and Asha that you can enjoy at your home instead.

Today, I’m going to share some resources for you to celebrate Mum and Mother’s Day at home. I also want all the kids out there to have a think about what they can do for their Mum this Mother’s Day – maybe it’s helping weed, maybe it’s making them a special present, maybe it’s cleaning up after you’ve made something for mum, or it could be your regular jobs plus something a little extra just to make Mum’s day easier.

We look forward to being able to see you again in the library in the future.

Story Box Library

Asha and Kathryn have some stories for you to enjoy tomorrow but today here are a few books about mums.

There are even more family stories at Story Box Library – all you need is a library membership.

Link to Catalogue record for My Mum Says the Strangest Things

My Mum Says the Strangest Things by Katrina Germein, illustrated by Tom Jellett

Read by Fiona Harris

When Mum’s busy she says she’s run off her feet. When I dawdle, Mum tells me to shake a leg. When I say, “I’m coming,” Mum says, “So is Christmas.” My mum says the STRANGEST things.

Link to Catalogue record for Who's Your Real Mum?

Who’s Your Real Mum? by Bernadette Green, illustrated by Anna Zobel

Read by Erin Wamala

“Elvi, which one is your mum?”
“They’re both my mum.”
“But which one’s your real mum?”

When Nicholas wants to know which of Elvi’s two mums is her real mum, she gives him lots of clues. Her real mum is a circus performer, and a pirate, and she even teaches spiders the art of the web.
But Nicholas still can’t work it out. Luckily, Elvi knows just how to explain it to her friend.

Cards and Wrapping Paper

Make your present even more special by making your card and wrapping paper yourself.

Cleverpatch have new Mother’s Day Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags along with a Koala Mother’s Day Card. Released this year, you won’t have seen these versions at previous year’s Storytime sessions.

For kids with a little more STEM-curiousity, you could try these Mother’s Day Pop Up Card That Light-up. There are three templates to create.

Pamper Mum this Mother’s Day

Nail Salon

We can’t get out and have a little pampering with a manicure but you can give your mum some pamper time.

Painting nails is a great way to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and I have seen how much kids love to be involved in this task.

Really, what better time for mum to have pink and blue nails painted by you!

Hair Salon

Why not spend a little time developing the dexterity of little fingers by doing your mum’s hair?

Breakfast in Bed

Why not try something a little different for breakfast in bed this year, with a lovely breakfast pizza?Here are some option from HuffPost that go beyond the ham and egg one I made.

More Reading

Over the year’s, Cockburn Libraries staff have put together other blogs about Mums (and Mum’s/Dad’s Mum) for some more suggestions this Mother’s Day.