Photograph of happy family by Wan Leonard

How can we encourage our children to be more resilient and cope better with stress or change?

We all want our children to be happy and develop the skills to cope with stressful events. This ability to adapt to change and manage our lives is known as resilience. In recent years, there has been a focus on providing information to parents so that we can raise resilient kids. Jessica discussed books for kids in her Feelings Storytime blog and today I’d like to share some resources for parents and carers.

There are a number of useful websites on this topic, including Beyond Blue: Building resilience in children and Kids Helpline: Building resilience.

There are many books available at Cockburn Libraries to help you raise resilient children. Check out our family and parenting area or click a cover to reserve a copy of one of the more recent books.

Cover Image for 9 ways to a resilient child
Cover Image for Future-proofing your child : help your children grow into sensible, safe, happy, resilient, self-motivated teens and beyond
Cover Image for Raising resilience : the wisdom and science of happy families and thriving childre
Maggie Dent is a fantastic Australian author and presenter who shares her experiences as a parent and educator in a straight-forward and funny way, with a focus on building resilience in kids. You can read some of her website posts on the topic or reserve some of her books and DVDs by clicking on the covers below.
Cover Image for Building children's resilience one building block at a time : essential tips for parents of children birth-12
Cover Image for Real kids in an unreal world : how to build resilience and self-esteem in today's children
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