Hi everyone! Hope you are all keeping well; physically and mentally. Like me, you may be struggling to come to terms with what passes for a daily ‘routine’ in these uncertain times. Well, wherever possible, it’s important to hold on to what we know and where it isn’t, try to adapt or find alternatives.

Which brings me to today’s theme: pram jamming at home.

Pram Jam at Coolbellup

Making a Time to Rhyme

One thing we definitely don’t want is for your little ones to miss out on their regular rhyme sessions. You could go about this several ways:

  • establish a set time each day to do some rhymes together. A short 5-10 minute session would be perfect.
  • emulate our weekly pram jam session at home. Pick the day (and time) of the week you would normally come to your local Cockburn library for pram jams and DIY it at home.
  • re-create the experience of your weekly pram jam session online with others. This will be the trickiest one, depending on how tech savvy you are. Then again, a lot of people (including parents) connect to their social support networks through online means these days, so maybe this will be a cake walk for you.

Resources to “Just Do It!”

Well, to have a pram Jam Session you’ll need a play list. Click on Ted and Uke (look right→) to get your copy of the rhyme list we were doing at Success Library, before we were so rudely interrupted …

Pram Jam rhyme list link image

Of course, there are also bajillions of rhyme videos on Youtube and other places. Just find a channel which is presented by real people with human expressions, not those creepy budget animated ones.

Got me some rhymes, time to get online! I’m somewhat social media illiterate but there are many platforms you can use to have a go at a live group session. You may even know and/or use some of these already:

Skype logo
Facebook Messenger logo
FaceTime logo
WhatsApp logo
Discord logo
Zoom logo crossed out

Warning: while becoming a super popular new option, tech experts warn that Zoom has major security and privacy vulnerabilities and is being actively targeted by cyber criminals.

Making A Place to Rhyme

Sometimes this can be just as important in the quest to settle your child and establish a new routine as the activity itself. Picking a fixed ‘spot’ to do your little rhyme sessions will create a substitute pram jam space of your very own, in your home.

Remember, your child was already used to a routine: getting readied to go out; hopping in the car and going to the library; getting unpacked from the car; wandering up and into the library space, etc. so creating a new series of steps in your new routine will be of great benefit (and comfort) to you both.

Pram Jam at Success

Other Online Options & Resources

Remember to regularly check in with our website as we will be posting more resources for families throughout the library closure. Specifically, check out the Stuff for Kids section for our regular posts, like my last one: Pram Jam with David – Keeping it Clean. As well as other info and eResources:

Stuff for Kids link image
Story Box Library
kanopy KIDS
Better Beginnings Home Literacy Calendar

Okay folks. Time to go sing Happy Birthday while I wash my hands again! Take care of yourselves, stay clean and stay healthy everyone. And stay 1.5m away!

[sigh] I need a hug.