Are you still enjoying some time down on the beach, while the weather is still quite summery? Soaking up some rays; building sand castles; playing seaweed chasey (running around with big, slimy, gross blobs of seaweed and trying to hit a friend or sibling with it); collecting interesting looking shells; or, playing a bit of beach cricket?

All good outdoors fun in the fresh sea air but although we are right next to the ocean (that big, blue, wet thing that splashes at the sand now and then) we strangely don’t often seem to think about what kinds of amazing things might be going on under there. So let’s do some exploring under the sea.

There are many ways to search our catalogue for titles of interest: I used the keyword “sea” and narrowed it down to “board books” and got the following … [click here] . Hint: changing a keyword will often change the titles that come up in a search, so try “ocean” or even “water” as well.

Let’s start with some of the more common things we should be able find …

Peep inside the sea
illustrated by Simona Dimitri

Book cover for Peep inside the sea

by Smriti Prasadam-Halls

Book cover for Underwater

Dive into the sea!
illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin

Book cover for Dive into the sea!

Now let’s try some stories that involve the adventures of some of these wonderful creatures. There’s one that is very rare and quite hard to find – can you spot the odd one out? 

Sharing a shell
by Julia Donaldson

Book cover for Sharing a shell

Little Fish and mummy 
by Lucy Cousins

Book cover for Little Fish and mummy
Book cover for Little Whale lost in London

Little white fish and his daddy
by Guido van Genechten

Book cover for Little white fish and his daddy

The smallest turtle
by Lynley Dodd

Book cover for The smallest turtle

The singing mermaid 
by Julia Donaldson

Book cover for The singing mermaid

There are so many fun and fascinating, weird and wondrous things out there, aren’t there? Since one of these totally real, non-fictional characters can not only swim about but sing as well, let’s finish up with a song about the sea …

“What shall we do with a drunken- “

What! No? Okay, let’s try this incredibly catchy little tune by an obscure old band called … what were their names again? You’ve probably never hear of them. Um, that’s it! The Beatles. Enjoy.

Octopus’s Garden

I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’s garden in the shade
He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been
In his octopus’s garden in the shade

I’d ask my friends to come and see
An octopus’s garden with me
I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’s garden in the shade

We would be warm below the storm
In our little hideaway beneath the waves
Resting our head on the sea bed
In an octopus’s garden near a cave

We would sing and dance around
Because we know we can’t be found
I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’s garden in the shade

We would shout and swim about
The coral that lies beneath the waves
Oh what joy for every girl and boy
Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe

We would be so happy you and me
No one there to tell us what to do
I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’s garden with you