Hi everyone! It may have taken a while (and some said we’d never see it again) but the changing of the season is definitely upon us. If you take a closer look at the flora and fauna around you, you’ll see that nature definitely has a spring in its step again.

Or, if you prefer to observe people more than nature, keep an eye on anyone you know who gets a bit of hay fever or has pollen allergies – their red, runny nose and watery eyes will tell you what season it is!

Either way, it’s a time of change, growth and renewal. And that is something we should apply to ourselves as much as the world around us.

So let’s turn our own season of growth into a reading opportunity:

Link to Catalogue record for Surprising spring
Link to Catalogue record for Millie-Mae through the seasons
Link to Catalogue record for Hooray for Hoppy!
Link to Catalogue record for The spring book

Now, as I mentioned, Spring is the season of growth and renewal – for plants and animals. So, arguably, it’s a bit of a ‘big deal’. This makes it the perfect time to read a story explaining some of these aspects. Like …

Link to Catalogue record for Plant the tiny seed
Link to Catalogue record for Grow it!

And just because they involve the word spring in some way, here are two stories that have nothing to do with the season at all!

The first is about the need for a good “spring” cleaning once in a while:

The second is the epic tale of how Gary the galah helps Alice the kangaroo to put the “spring” back into her hop:

Link to Catalogue record for Roll up, roll up, clean up
Link to Catalogue record for Alice the kangaroo

Now, we would always like to finish a Pram Jam post with a suitable rhyme (or two) but I completely failed to find one. 

So, I think we can finish with a vaguely related, super catchy song instead. I hope you enjoy it: